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Gorgeous and delicious!!!

Simple and elegant nails it; gorgeous girl, amazing body, all enhanced by simple and unobtrusive background.

Funny how tastes differ though; I dislike shoes, even high heels (although I have no interest in feet either), but I find a small, discreet necklace on a beautiful woman's naked body really sexy. Just no accounting for taste--anyone's tastes.

Beautiful as always! You can share my bed any day or night.

I agree with Metlover -- beautiful girl, nice poses, shots are clean and simple -- with a nice choice of color contrasting. But women require ornaments -- a simple, but elegant necklace and high heels. :->

I'm not so sure about that. A girl as lovely and with such an outstanding figure, looks just great without anything to distract from her.

I agree her feet look much better out of shoes than in them and necklace not something I would even notice.

Beautiful girl, really love the way she poses, great photography too, clean and simple

Can't get enough of Yanika. Especially poses like #81.

I love seeing the models pose like Yanika did in #118. It makes their ass look perfectly round, fit right in your hands!

Always a pleasure, Yanika is gorgeous and has one hell of a body, those boobs are fantastic!.

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