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Nice lingering pace to this set, and Yanika A seems more relaxed and confident of herself, her own beauty, extending herself. I liked too the piano and palette of color tones in the set. Perhaps due to the sheet music of "Greensleeves" on display (even if for recorder) but the overall mood put me longing for more of her.

Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of "banging in the piano"...

"banging IN the piano"??? That's a whole new IDEA to me...with little meaning since it's an impossibility...in a literal sense of course...lol Please explain...(?)

The "I" key is right next to the "O" key. In. On. What does it matter? The intent is clear!

"I keep banging on the old piano, gettin' in tune to the straight and narrow... when I'm mobile!" The Who/Who's Next/Goin' Mobile.

Alex S. was a cool idea for this set of piano.Nice accent are the pearls around her neck model Yanika A.
Well, there are a few photos, in which we see a close up of beautiful hands and feet models.
Some photographers forget that women also have beautiful hands and feet.
This is a big plus to Alex S. for having thought about that:)
I know there are people who have to pay special interest in to... :D
Cheers guys!

Very beautiful and sexy girl... Creative set..I could almost hear Rachmaninov playing..

She is amazingly sexy.

Yanika is absolutely gorgeous. Reasonable minds can differ on hair color and I much prefer her as a brunette. In my opinion, the darker hair color works better with her beautiful skin tone. I look forward to each of her sets.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Yanika's body is a 15 !

What an incredibly sexy woman.

She looks awesome from any angle.

Can't wait for her next set.

Agree 150%!

Yanika, love, I think I preferred the red hair. But then, you could color it green, and you would still be beautiful. Come back soon. Now I'm going to go to bed and dream about your delectable body.

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