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OMG. She is so much more beautiful with her long hair! Not that she wasn't attractive with shorter hair, but now! WOW!

As in the movie Easy Rider some girls are born to be wild, hitching down the highway of life. Looking for adventure, wait, I might break a nail doing this extreme sport thing. Looking for adventure and trying not to break my nail is extreme enough for me. Let's see, maybe I can push this shopping cart down the isle at the grocery store and not break my nail.
Dear sir, could you put that in my shopping cart so I don't break my nail
I just put a new coat of paint on them. In spite of all of this extreme adventure my nails still look great !! I almost broke my nail on that motorcycle so I gave it up trying to operate it. This looking for adventure on the highway of life is kind of hard on your manicure.
I bet she types using a pencil ?? Tell me dear, why are you hugging yourself, kind of lonely?? Looking for the other side of the adventure of life ?? Remember you can't exchange that beautiful body in if you screw it up looking for adventure. I too wish you could trade your body in for a new one like a car. So please be careful looking for adventure in life, too many have found the wrong driver and crashed their cars on the adventure of life. It looks like you have picked the right driver for the Yanika car on the journey of life looking for adventure. Don't let other people drive the car but seek advise and wisdom from older drivers who have navigated the long journey of life and make your own decisions. Look ahead on the road of life and be aware of the unseen dangers of that extreme adventure thing dear !! Det. Headloppers journeys thru the life of the night delivering the fuel for the cars and trucks allows him to see the other drivers on the road of life. It is a tragic part of my job that I see people who have been distracted by all of the things this modern world has to offer and what happens at 65 mph when you go spinning out of control on the highway of life. Too many young life's are lost to the looking for adventure way of life or looking at your cell phone at highway speeds. Besides dear, if the airbag deploys, you might break a nail.
Such a beautiful car

Alex, I really don't get liza fan's bitch. What I saw was a very good mix of poses with fully acceptable technical aspects. Why not take this opportunity to join some of your compatriots and post a reply from you. I am sure Yanika was happy with this set.

I had to low vote this one...don't get me wrong yanika is not to blame here...maybe ive just gotten spoiled by the good quality of her past sets...I like seeing fine details of a models skin...this sets photography is horriable...its like looking at pictures through an old plastic bag...I have an upper low end digital camera and a do it yourself lighting set up and I can take much higher quality pictures than this

... And may her revels never end ...

A tall, healthy girl, our Yanika, with breasts that dreams are made on.

Wow! I am dreaming.

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