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love to see a video of beautifull Yanika

I don't get how anyone would have their feet in such an awful state. Put some cream on!! yuck!

She has feet? I was too busy marveling at everything else to even notice.

With all due respect (ie: absolutely none,) learn some manners. I don't get how anyone could be so rude and crude about a beautiful woman.

Your screen name is precisely the response most people would give to your level of input.

I just love her derriere

Breath taking, heart stopping, awe inspiring body by Mother Nature, I believe. :) Darned good thing I don't have web access in my car, that's all I can say.

But on a broader note ...

So ... I need to ask a question. What do we do as commentators when our reaction to a shoot is 99% positive and 1% ... well, let's just say "not positive"? Do we keep our negativity to ourselves and let the community enjoy the shoot without drawing attention to something that may not have been bothering anyone until we pointed it out? Or, in the spirit of honest and open communication, do we say what's on our mind and assume we're all grown ups here and we can taken the clouds with the sun and be none the worse off?

I can go either way on this, but I would be interested in the "room's" take on this topic.

I genuinely believe that any negative reaction is OK to air so long as one is not negative toward the model or just plain negative.
i.e. if something bothers you, go ahead and say it... but also explain what would have been better. "Constructive criticism" as it were.
I think the key is being tactful and considerate.

What an absolute babe !

Yanika has one of the most incredible female bodies I have ever seen.

As close to perfection as you will ever see.

The silicone is a shame, but Yanika is sooo delicious, it's easy to overlook. A very beautiful and sexy girl...and a nice set.

Her breasts are real. You need to spend more time with breasts so you can learn the difference. LOL

Agree with wgworld on this. I see no sign of artificial enhancement. OK, her hair might be artificially colored. ;)

I may be blind but I don't see an signs of artificial enhancements.

I believe Yanika's incredible breasts are God given.

Stunning, statuesque, supple, smooth, slender, sweet and very very sexy! Yanika is amazing.

"OMG" so many shots of her leaning forward - between her beauty and her body, this set is a 10!

Yessssssssssssir! Also succulent, seductive, striking and really, really swell (sorry about that last one). : )

Damn, this woman never fails to impress.
A very nice set of Yanika ~ but that is no surprise. ( :

good set, gorgeous model

I love this set. Yanika has never been more gorgeous, more statuesque, more erotic. But there's also more than a glimmer of intelligence in those wonderful eyes. Yanika, I suspect, is equally interesting clothed or unclothed. I'd certainly like to find out. Kisses all over, sweetheart.

Agreed, Sailor... I am sure Yanika has more than one fascinating story to tell. ( :

And I'd really like the woman in image 106 to tell every one of them—very slowly.

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