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This is amazing... Everything I look for is right on the first page!
I didn't need to go any farther... Best "one page" set in history!!
It's like a summary of the whole set, and then it goes into detail
with each successive page...to a glorious finale... Brilliant!!

For me the more I know about the model the more I "like" them and follow them on our sires and others. A good example of what I mean is Ariel. I first saw her here years ago and made her on of my favs. Primarily for her "red" hair and her wonderful body. Monica is another example. In both cases I found them under "different" names on other sites. Monica actually had a different name on Erro. A site in the family. Ariel used Piper Fawn elsewhere. Then when Ariel became a producer for the MetArt family on Sexart. Now she uses Ariel Piper Fawn. Or APF as I call her. And guess what they updated all of her old sets to Ariel Piper Fawn here. I am sure there are other examples. I also will note that on SexArt we get a lot more information about the models in comments from the staff. Like in one case a model is also a qualified editor and now does that in addition to modeling for them. Hopefully this makes my question and interest make more sense.

Quit gittin me in trouble...;o)

You can call APF 'Garielle' also, which is what she was when I discovered her on some teen site, 8 yrs ago, and on Twistys a few years ago... I still have, and enjoy those old teen sets... I've been in love with her forever... I have more photos of her than anyone else...(5698 at last count) I've never understood it because I MUCH prefer small breasts... It must be that gorgeous face...

Or it could be that beautiful butt of hers, that I think is superior to Altea's... and most others...;o) And that face....oh that beautiful face...

My apologies to Yarina for discussing another model on HER set...bad manners. Sorry, my fiery beauty...:o)

Thanks swplf2, good info to know.

Isn't nice to have almost a full day with mostly positive comments and no bitching.

Lovely face, perky tits. More please.

Chill... It was just a question. She has had the same gold band on in every set so I thought that one of you might know more about her background. I am aware of the culture differences but since she always has it on it suggest "wedding band". I said unusual not unique and it is. Absolutely no judgement intended, I could care less if she is in a committed relationship no matter who it is with she is a good model here.

I understand your question and I realize you are not being rude nor judgemental. Yarina A is listed as being from Ukraine and as far as I know members of either the Russian or Ukrainian Orthodox Church traditionally do wear the wedding ring on the right hand (as stated earlier). It's either this explanation (or we get an answer from Yarina), or I guess we'll never really know.

Thanks for a good reply and not crap. Wish she would get on and let us know.

BTW, I forgot to add Yarina looks great!

What a great day!! Four of the most lovely creatures here, starting with the ever-fascinating Yarina and finishing with the most desireable Gabriel... This Yarina has a magical look about her.. There's fire in those eyes... Beautiful set!

She does have a gleam in her eyes, the likes of which I don't think I've seen before, really nice in #119. I wonder what she was thinking about.

Her pay check...?? ;o)

Oh my. The woman is working on becoming a lawyer. Not only that, she apparently likes cats. All that beauty and such judgment.

Is there a beautiful woman anywhere that does NOT 'like cats'...?
I keep two around all the time just in case...;o)

Actually you are right. Having a golden retriever around does not hurt either.

That's a fact! Golden Retrievers are almost as good as a cat. A family member had a pair and he was always fighting off the women...lol Border Collies same thing...

;) ;) Hadn't really thought about it like that. I've only got one, an outdoor "tom", but I just may need to get another one er two, to hang-out with him. (;

I see your two and raise you one.

LOL It's the "raising" that you might want to forego and get older mellower ones...those youngins'll drive ya nuts!! ;o)


Wedding rings in European countries, at least in Germany are worn on the right hand. Different from the good ol USA

Yarina is beautiful! I like her eyes, the light dusting of freckles, and the downy hair; here, there, and everywhere. Thanks to both Yarina and Leonardo.

An incredible beauty!!!!!

Is that a wedding ring on her left hand? If so! Somewhat unusual here...

Not unusual at all. More than a few are wearing them. We just aren't usually looking at their fingers...;o)

In the orthodox tradition, wedding rings are worn on the right hand.


Dart (only in fun) was for swplf2's comments. Apparently not possible to move or remove comments?

Really? Models that pose on Met-Art have no right to be married? you are not very observant as more than a few on here wear rings and even if they are not married or engaged they are still humans and boyfriends or girlfriends.

Believe one recently had a very nice diamond.

And have

It's nice to see Yarina again. I love that intelligent gleam in her eye (along with many other things). Nice job Leonardo.

I agree Sailor - that gleam is very sexy!

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