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Holy shit what an amazing set!!!! Utterly amazing model and fantastic photography. One of my all time favs. Well done!!!

Imagine coming home from a long day at work and finding Yarina sitting on the steps waiting for you.

What I "imagine" with Yarina, comes a bit after the stairway greeting...lol
Sometimes before dinner, sometimes after... Sometimes both!! lol ;o) Somebody wake me up!!!

Choosing a favorite model on Met-Art is sort of like limiting yourself to one dish at a buffet or one ride at an amusement park ... it kind of defeats the purpose and misses the point. Enjoy it all ... each in different ways, for different reasons, in varying amounts, but enjoy it all.

Sound advice, but you CAN pick a favorite "one", even from the buffet table, and still 'enjoy all the rest'... Picking a favorite doesn't mean she's the only one you look for...right??

Goncharov never ceases to amaze me with his series like Sofi A's beautifull latest set of hers and this one is no exception !!! I love the way the light highlights Yarina's beautiful toned,tanned body on the steps with the bricked wooden wall in the background wearing nothing but a lovely pink/blue short dress starting of with two lovely close ups of her body lovely gorgeous face brown eyes long brown hair cascading down her shoulders revealing her firm thighs and lovely breasts nipples in imaages #5-#6 -I love the way she steps down the stairs in different sensual poses in images #7-#11~~~I simply loved images #16-#21 with Yarina sitting upon the steps legs open underneath her dress her breasts at their fullness nipples erected as she basks in the sun rays showing her body very well ;)I simply love the way she poses in very sexy images perched up high on the wooden frame work showing her vagina underneath her dress legs spread wide open in different views and lovely close ups not to mention Goncharvo's glorious shors of her sexy long legs and cute round derrier in different views and close ups !!! but i have to say that my favourite images have to be images #83-#84 with Yarina sensualy lying on the wooden steps her long gorgeous body long legs perched up high upon the railing ~~~ As well as Yarina A stanging and leaning against the brick wall in different sensual views per images #66-#69 I loved this latest series of Yarina A :) :) :)

Image #84 is magnificent!!!....she's an absolutely gorgeous woman:):):)
Starting with Yarina's beautiful face, down to her perfect firm breasts, gazing upon her tight derriere, and finishing with her fabulous legs and feet (toes too Sailor:)....the image of supreme feminine beauty.

when the other sets have massive issues to get a clear shot of the eyes - or any other part - Goncharov comes in and saves the day....

Beautiful model, sweet, sexy, relaxed and happy. The kind of set that just makes you happy to be a man, or in rags25's case a woman :) with a subscription to Met Art.

Dear nihil :) Even as a female-I still find both Yarani and MetArts beautiful models very sweet and sexy to view.I look at both their sensuality and sexy pose within their series as you have seen in my previous comments over the few months annd yes i have a lifetime Subscription to MetArt as well as a year one to SexArt to compaire MetArts Series and Movies as i love the feminity of a females body compaired to a males body except my late departed partner :) He had a very strong muscular body even though he was only 5ft'3 inches tall from both his deisel fitting and maintenance of outback desert undergroung water bores.....

Yarina's beauty starts with the intelligence she projects through those hypnotic eyes. This is a smart, self-confident young woman, confident in every delicious inch of that stunning body, right down to her—ready, say it with me—lollipop toes. Yarina has made better sets that this, but she is never less than gorgeous. Kisses all over.

I checked and yep, she's from Ukraine:)
Yarina definitely has a stunning body....no question whatsoever.

I wonder what flavor those lollipop toes are Sailor?

Just a guess, but probably toe flavoured. Maybe with a hint of soap/perfume. :)

I was gonna say.... ( ;

Whatever flavor she wants them to be. I'll ask her the next time we're engaged in foreplay and file a complete report. : )

Sailor You simply crack me up with a big smile of yours with your quirky sense of humor if you have a lollipop toes-foot fetish mine smell of sweet red,white,voilet roses after a nice cool bath full of their freshly picked petals ;)

Rags, honey, let's set the record straight. I don't have a foot fetish; I have a woman fetish. A foot fetishist is only interested in a woman's feet. Boring. I love the whole woman. If I'm passionate about her, I want to taste her, head to toe. My foreplay fantasies are unapologetically oral, and there's no part of the female anatomy I haven't tasted at one time or another. I love it! (I'll bet the farm you enjoy being taken around the world by the right guy.) Incidentally, any guy who says a beautiful woman's feet aren't sexy is lying. There is a vast industry—shoes, pedicures, whatever—dedicated to making them sexier to the male population.

So what's my favorite flavor in toes? Female.

"Lying"!? You can't possibly think that EVERY man thinks feet are "sexy"...can you? If we ALL don't share your taste, we are lying!? You may want to re-think that sailor!

Only to the extent of revising it to read "probably lying," which I intended to do. I forgot to make the change before I posted the comment.

Well that 'probably' doesn't make much difference... But we're cool... As long as you accept that 'your' thing for feet is not that common, at least in 'my' experience. But I AM acquainted with quite a few liars...hmmmmm

It's not a "thing" for feet, you dipstick. I don't accept anything of the fucking sort. I'll tell you what I think, not the other way around

rags25, thanks for your input....I was hoping we'd get a woman's perspective on the topic:)

Yeah...just what we needed...lol

Hi Browning not a proplem with my females perspecitve view on Sailor's lollipop toe fetish well i guess as the only woman within MetArt well the was another years ago LongBlondehair-It's nice to be appreciated amongst you guys..Plus i tend to pick up things that you guys miss as you well know within my comments i've stumped you once within a series in November and helped you out with Cristrina A's and Indiana's girl-girl series too Cheers browing :)

rags25, your perspective is not only appreciated, but I think required:)
It's fantastic to have you chime in with your unique viewpoint on topics "we" cannot possibly understand with our male mindset.

I enjoy reading all of your comments....and I love your sense of humor:):)

Many, many thanks for anything you can add to a discussion:)

Thank You Browning you've made my night with that lovely reply glad you enjoy them as well as i do posting them :)As for my sense of humour i guess its my Aussie way.I never grew up as a lady posh and snooty so to speak more like a Tom Boy-Girl Next Door Type plus us both myself and gotta have a sense of humour when i used to drive my Kenworth 18 wheeler had to put with some very narcky rude male truckers !!!!!

I'll take a Tom-Boy/Girl-Next-Door over "Posh and Snooty" any day.....and the Tom-Boy/Girl-Next-Door is almost always WAY HOTTER too!!!

You have a good night sleep rags25:)....take care.

Nice set Goncharov.

Yarina is a Met Art star, there's nothing more to say than she's just a knock out.
Saying that, she's not my favorite (or probably even in my top 10-15), but she is the kind of girl who captures the attention of every man in sight.

LOL You sound a bit conflicted there browning...;o)

I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly couldn't pick a single favourite from Met Art's seemingly endless list of exquisitely lovely ladies.

Gabriel A. ;o)

Agreed, Rock and Browning... I hope more sets of Gabriel are yet in the offing... perhaps if we ask "K" very very sweetly?

rachsback, Gabriel A is a GREAT choice! An incredible woman!

Luiza A & Gabriel A are my two favorite's by far. Both 10+++++'s
Also, after I read my initial post I did sound a little confused.....nothing more to say, then I proceeded to say more????.....oh well, my excuse is that it was 3:00am and I was tired:)

Oh, you also always have the "My brain was so befuddled by the beauty of this model" excuse to fall back onto as well, Browning! ( ;
I've used that excuse once or twice... ( :

Truth is, my fingers type faster than my brain works....way too often I have the same problem with my mouth "speaking" before my brain "thinks".
It doesn't help that I'm also an idiot:)

Totally understandable... I'm not doing well today either...and it's the middle of the day now!!

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