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I am not saying she is not, but judging intelligence from a picture is not very intelligent in itself. LOL. Beautiful girl but not a very thrilling set. I still find her first set to be the best one.

Yarina is just WOW!!! Her gorgeous face and body....and her cute playful personality.....Yarina exudes female sexuality. IMO, this set is a definite 10.

Sailor has a way to come up with words and phrases to perfectly describe the models. Love pics 6, 29 and 36 - 40. Am I remembering correctly that Goncharov is not one the photogs who interacts with members in the comment section? Would like to know more about the location. Interesting choice going with the Egyptian motif.

I haven't seen Goncharov or Slastyonoff participate in the Comments forum yet, JB... I'd very much like to hear their opinions on what we say.

The most beautiful 'bath' set I've ever seen! And Yarina is threatening the very top of my favorites list! She looks absolutely amazing here...
This is a beautiful bathroom and that adds so much to the overall beauty of the set but could never distract one from the radiant beauty of the bather...this 'one' anyway. 10/10/10+++!!

Yarina in a bath tube? Soooo sweeeeeettttt:-) She looks very inviting with this ultra soft Skin and this dream Smile. My favorite pic is #18. Thank You Yarina to show has Your Paradises:-) Thank You Goncharov for this beautiful Set... Happy New Year to both and Dream Kisses to Yarina:-):-):-)

Intelligent sex appeal? That's a new one for me! She definitely has a classy aura about her and though I don't like soapy bath sets it hard not to like Yarina and she does a pretty good job of seeing that the suds don't block anything from view. Lovely lady, nice photography and if you gotta do bathroom this one is pretty class.

10/10 from me

Congrats K, 4 for 4 tonight!

'intelligent sex appeal' - I took that to mean that she knows she's got it and she knows what to do with it ;-)

And that her intelligence is part of the appeal.

Intelligence is always appealing especially when it is served by a beauty like this.

Look at that astonishing woman in image 20—a classic face, beautiful lips, perfect breasts, hypnotic eyes that look right through a man (this one, at least). Yarina just oozes intelligent sex appeal. She's a 10, every time out of the gate.

Yes, a very nice shot. My personal favorite is #52. Normally I would complain about too many shots being focused on the model's face, but not with this woman - she just oozes sex appeal, exactly like you said.

I have to agree with you about #52. The smile seals it for me. I missed that shot in the wee hours.

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