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Goncharov, majordomo, the beauty captured by your lens bears repeat. She is wonderful focus, more of her please.

A woman of uncomparable value, we need more of her.....

New title: Reflection Confection

How to use a dress. Oh yes.

The second half really needed the color.

You try to rhyme leotard. Retard? Petard? Beauregard?

Abelard, afterguard, avant-garde, bodyguard, boulevard, business card, calling card, cattle guard, Christmas card, color guard...

I bow.
I sit at your feet.

Sure, why not... but let's leave out "Beauregard," as the mental associations are all decidedly unerotic.

Retard: slow. Petard: explosive. Beauregard: pretty to look at -could be good, but so often a name given to canines.

Hmm. Consider the usual appellation for the pose in #63.

...and, at least once, applied to a (Confederate?) Civil War General. Hence, in all its hirsute glory, not a sensual association for me... ( ;

I always look forward to a new set from Yarina.
Thank you Goncharov, Yarina looks great.

Yarina, what a gorgeous girl she is, Goncharov always seems to capture her well and this set is no exception. Now we have too long to wait for the next installment, even if that were to be tomorrow.

Metart really is tops for bottoms.It's great to see razor-sharp, in-focus asshole shots

Clever. Concise. Clearly conveyed without fluff. And without doubt precise.

Just love the costume that fastens under the crutch - opening the gates to heaven is my fantasy!

Damn Sexy!
Thank you!

Yarina is beautiful without make up her parts

Natural sure would be nice, just dont understand why so many are made up. A pussy should look like a pussy!!

"made up" ?
Do you mean photoshopped?

Thank You Goncharov for this nice Set. Yarina is for sure a solar Girl:-) Like hipshot131, I love Her Smile a lot:-) She's very cute... Kisses all over Yarina:-):-):-)

A lovely woman, nice poses, fantastic smile and I love the leotards. Poised and confident, a lovely expressive face and a full on woman's body. A classy lady who knows how to entice and a lovely body that holds the promise of hot exciting nights and dreams fulfilled. Awaking with the smell of Jasmin in your nose and a smile on you face.

Lovely Yarina, and nice work from Goncharov too.

I always enjoy a visit from lovely Yarina. The woman is a freckle factory! She also has glass cutters, a lovely bum, and superb labia.

a genuine model! i wish girls were like this back in my high school days! ;)

The incomparable Yarina. Her smile is so confident and lovely.
Come visit us more often! ( :

And a few times between more often.

The always sexy and sassy Yarina looks fabulous!! Nice change-up to close out the set. Nice set overall in spite of being outdoors. I prefer the indoor variety. Great closing shot! XO*OX ;o)

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