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Yarina looks beautiful! Need more please.

Any woman who can arch her back and point her derriere up in the air WITHOUT touching her tummy to the bed (#97) rates very high in my book. The fact that Yarina has a great body & face and can present us with so many "come hither" looks is only a definite plus.

I have said it before.... But it is worth repeating regarding this wonderful display...

Nothing is as sexy as a woman pulling her pretty little panties aside to reveal the treasure between her supple thighs!
So enticing!

Beautiful set Leo and wonderful work from The Divine Ms Yarina A!


There have been a lot of great photo sets over the years on this site, but I'll tell you one thing, there has never been one quite like this. The woman, the poses, the facial expressions, the body language, spectacular. Damn near got a "rise" out of me and I'm paralyzed below the waist! Yarina, you're beautiful, absolutely beautiful. You captured her perfectly Leonardo, thank you. Like Rachsback stated, "off the charts"!

Exquisite!! Yarina is one of my Superstars... Off-the-chart delicious!!!

Yarina is a fine looking woman. Nice set Leonardo, great work!

Best shoot in over a week for Met Art, beautiful woman, great close ups, cotton panties!!! You just saved Sunday!

This is a great set, IMO of the leggy and beautiful Yarina. Leonardo has again provided nice closeups and a variety of poses that round out a complete set. This trend from Leo is appreciated. The extended panty play to open the shoot is erotic and distinguishes this set from her others. Sexy lady!

Wonderful set of the simply stunning Yarina - what a beauty & what a body...

The extended white panty shots are quite superb & the rear views once she had disgarded them extremely er..uplifting! More of this goddess soon please

Thank You Leo, well done!!! What for a Dream is Yarina... What for a Smile and She's totally Shining!!! Soft Kisses to You Yarinshka:-)

Nicely done Leo! Great model done right, Very refreshing! Lovely closeups of a lovely woman. Nice movement around the model, good angles, Focus spot on!

Leonardo and the exquisite Yarina give us a delicious white cotton panty fantasy shoot. I thank both of them... ( : It is a nice treat nicely done.
The quizzical smile on Yarina's face in shots 7, 19, and 25 crack me up. She's obviously thinking, "You've got to be kidding me... guys actually think this look is sexy?" Yes, honey, we do, we really do... ( :

#19 sexy...#22, smokin! All the rest, a good reason to have heart failure.
She better not put those panties on e-bay, the site would crash!

I knew you'd like the panties.

Yarina is a beautiful woman and I really appreciate her lovely blue-grey eyes, dusting of freckles, friendly smile, glass cutters, wrinkled areolae, downy hair, cleavage, gentle flare from waist to hip, very shapely legs, and today's choice of panties.

# 38 = I know where you are looking and you are right, I do have a superb bum.

Many thanks to Yarina and Leonardo.

Sensational!!! My pick of the day for lovely Met-Art lady!!

I agree.

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