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Stunning woman with a gorgeous anus!!

What Met-Art is all about!

Photo 1613KB - Yarina's back door is a gape and is used way too much. That ASS is built for fucking.

This is a masterpiece with a great opening in high heels. I really love her ass and how it is being shaped by intimate action. It is a beautiful sunken anus that's extremely sexy. The close ups are simply stunning.

that hair, those eyes ,her lips,tose beautiful breasts ,legs to die for ,her behind makes me drull,love her shes 10 all the way see ya in my dreams beautiful

Another pair of "Frankenshoes"!? I'm glad THEY disappeared fast!! A decent set of a stunning girl!! Leonardo pulls one off!! ;o)

You're right !

I like my women in heels -- but those just don't fly.

Very beautiful and sexy legs! Would love to see your pussy lips spread!!!

Yarina is very lovely. Nice set. Seems to me that her ass is just made for fucking.

I cannot possibly complains after looking at the perfect face of Yarina, she is simply one of the most stunning woman on the site...would give up a lot for an hour of time...one can always dream!!!

MMM, MMM, Good!!!

Good job by Leonardo with blue background. I like it. She's simply stunning, from Head to Toes and Her Smile is soooooo Sweeeet... Kiss kiss Yarina!!!

Yarina has a superb bum, and many more superb physical features.

Yarina is such a poised and elegant young lady. Her supreme self confidence radiates through that serene smile, that gently teases....

Wow! 10's across the board tonight! Not a bad set in site. I think this is Yarina's best set so far. Long gorgeous legs, spectacular butt, firm gorgeous breasts and even some nice intimate closeups. Nothing to frown about here.

That first page really rocks! those heels make her look 6' tall and all legs!

Yep, this set is a supreme example of why heels turn me on... ( :

The PP Club is clearly in need of a companion organization.

Too bad about the lighting in #58. And the focus in #61.

Perhaps a befitting name for the companion club would be simply "The Association".

Nice name... ( :

Companion in what sense? Do you mean another attribute?


BB Beautiful butt!

... not to mention artifacts from sharpening which can be seen in many photos, unfortunately !

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