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Oh my, picture #87 is soooo powerful, with that deep and wide-open asshole... The mind boggles down with such a delightful scrambling of the frontier between Yarina's insides and outsides. Images such as this one exsude such a raw, fundamental sexuality, that make an absolutely amazing contrast with her classy, elegant attitude.

I agree, it creates an almost overwhelming dichotomy in the mind that is erotic in the deepest sense possible. We build up an image of the proverbial Goddess, pure and pristine when we see women like this who exude class but when witness her in her most intimate and explicit form (her vulva and, in particular, her anus) we are confronted and reminded of her ultimate humanity...to see something deemed as unglamorous within the context of such glamour actually becomes a thing of beauty...it reminds us and ascends us to something unknowable.

Mind you, I'm not trying to sound pretentious. I actually wonder about the underlying drives and symbols of our desires. It's hormonal at its most base sense but goes far beyond that, early psychologists speculated about symbols and archetypes.

Well done Leonardo:-) Yarina with this curls is absolute fantastic!!! I adore it... I adore all of Her from Head to Toes and this Beauty deserves a lot of kisses all over, Miau:-) Come back soon, please...

...it is a real pleasure to observe the evolution of Yarina's asshole. From a tighter one to a loose, open, sunken, wider-circumference one. Would like to see more and more of this classy lady, especially how her asshole is being gradually and intensively used and gaped.

Awesome, I love the loose curls on Yarina, gorgeous.

Hand cuff this woman, incarcerate her before all are subdued. The likes of which seldom appear, but she is with us...
Many a times I have beheld glory, but, she rivials all. Would that she could continue forever..

...yarina's ars is progressively been developed...from being tight to almost open now...I can see she's enjoying it back there....would love to see more and more, especially close ups of here progressively open ars.

Gorgeous and delicious!

REALLY great set of erotic photos, Yarina and Leonardo.

Amazing work.

12 on the T & A scale!

I love the way Yarina looks into the camera in picture 119

Yarina is beautiful! Need more please.

Lovely set of this cool sexy girl

The full panties are awesome and Yarina's figure shows them at their best. The rear panty views are outstanding & when Yarina peels them off to reveal to us her 'dark assets' it is a real turn on.

More of this beauty, her full sexy panties and her superb body soon please

Leonardo borrows a page or two from Tony Murano's play book in this pin-up style set. Yarina shows she has the chops to live up to the style. I am impressed.

Thanks to Yarina & Leonardo this photo set is a total work of art!


Yarina is very sexy in undies then she take them off to reveal that pussy in her perfect body.

when it comes to beautiful pussies, this girl's pussy goes right to the top of that list..... Wow.

I my language "yari na" means "already done."
So I would have wished to yari na Yarina. :)

Lighting...Lighting...Too much Lighting! Another lost opportunity with an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

Leonardo, please strike a match...light a candle, and explore the most intimate features of your models?

Slow down!

Great set ... Love the Panty shots! ... More like this please!

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