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Lots of wood, lots of stone, even a nude girl in there somewhere. A girl this beautiful deserves higher production values and fewer splinters.

young, beautiful smile, clean skin

Thank Heaven for this pretty girl

What a wonderful girl! More of her, plz. Killer smile. Pale skin, nice legs and beautiful feet.

Nice,cute and fresh model with bright smiles.
Fascinating posings with vivid colours through 120 frames.
Enchanted! I got driven into the sea of bliss.
It is not hard to imagine that Yvonne and Rylsky enjoyed the photo session.
If possible it is, I'd like to vote it for "set of the month", a strong candidate of "set of the year",as well so far.

That radiant smile and lovely blue eyes are her best assets but there is nothing missing below the shoulders either! Another lovely Rylsky model who will fit very well with his other beauties. New girls are always intriguing but not always a success. This one is a winner for sure.

YVONNE, you are gorgeous!
Thank you ever so much for 'sharing' your faultless body with us!
You have a Beautiful face, a wonderful smile, a mesmerising body.
Lots more of this natural beauty asap, please, METART!

YVONNE, you are gorgeous!
Thank you ever so much for 'sharing' your faultless body with us!
You have a Beautiful face, a wonderful smile, a mesmerising body.
Lots more of this natural beauty asap, please, METART!

Presenting Yvonne by Rylsky

Yvone is a gorgeous girl. I love her blue eyes and her long black hair. I love her small boobs and curvy ass and in particular her delicious shaved pussy. The shoots by FRylsky are excellent. I liked the open legs and the pussy close-ups.

Great debut set for Yvonne and thanks to Rylsky who brings her to us.

Rylsky - Nice seeing you interact here with us members like only a few photogs do. I also enjoy your sense of humor.

Thank you!
I am not wrote humorous all the time here on MetArt. But yes, mostly.


'd love to see her in a light summer's dress, dark colours, doing upskirt, you know - flirting, distance, loving being seen... I mean, this girl has the most adorable labias...

I agree Robi, esp. the upskirt part. What boy doesn't want to see what a pretty girl's hiding under her skirt?

Yvonne is so pretty she reminds me so much of another beautiful Rylsky model Quinn. Related?

members already said:
eyes (+ maybe smile) of Loreen
breasts (+ maybe smile) of Quinn

anyway, personality of Yvonne


I think Yvonne could pass for Loreen's kid sister. The black hair and blue eyes are wonderful.

Rylsky, you certainly have an eye for "new talent"! There's no denying that! This girl and the set are exquisite! Looking forward to seeing Yvonne in a "softer" setting. Beautiful debut! Gorgeous eyes! Magnificent 'flower'!! Perfect all around!!

please describe a "softer" setting.


Seriously? I need to describe a "softer setting" for YOU!? How about "Nicoritz"...??? That setting looks 'soft'... That last set of Kei is "soft"... I think you know "soft setting"...;o) Not 'rocks and logs', although as I said, this set is "exquisite", just waiting to see more and hoping to see like I see in thumbnails below at RylskyArt...."softer".

I was absolutely serious.
Sorry if I am wrong, but I see now you meant the bedroom story or indoor story sets... Correct?
I am sorry, my English is pretty bad.


Your English is not so bad. There is no need to apologize. Yes you are correct. I would like to see Yvonne in such a set as you describe.."Intimate" indoor set. Thank you for asking.

Gorgeous with a great attitude. But her long hair needs to be controlled.

lovely face combined with a sweet smile.

Fantastic set, love her blue eyes, dynamite smile, and love all the different poses with her bare ass in full view, very nice ass.

Un rosa flor se ​​abre! ¡Hermosa rosa flor! Ella abrió su bonita rosa coño con sus dedos! Yvonne, eres estás tan travieso! Pero tan muy agradable! Yvonne, me encanta a ver, te estás mostrando el adentro de tu rosa flor! Eres muy rosada y lleno de néctar! ¡Me justo encanta! ¡Gracias, Yvonne!

Just average. Both the model and Rylsky's work.

Girls like Yvonne are the reason I am a member. Love her inner beauty display in 114 and 115. Thanks MetArt!!

Sensational debut, Yvonne is absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see more!.

What is so sensational???

If you don't see it, no amount of 'explanation' would do you any good.

The women in your photo portfolios must be absolutely, knock down stunningly gorgeous if you are not impressed with Yvonne. What is your website and how much do you charge to join? It is about time there is a place where you can find good pictures of acceptably attractive girls.

LOL Not everyone will recognize your sarcasm Neil... Many "non-American" members take most things at 'face value' and 'our' sarcasm escapes them. But I was amused...;o)

Me (;, too!

Not Everyone - but it wasn't rocket-science:-))

Ella abrió! Ella es tan maravillosamente cremoso y rosa por dentro!

Yvonne is adorable. She truly has the "girl next door" look. Another Rylsky jewel.

Aaaahhhh.... THAT's why Yvonne looked familiar to me, she's also on Rylsky art!
Yet another fantastic reason for a subscription to RA.

Ladies & Gentlemen --

This has been a paid advertisement for the Rylsky For President Committee --


It's not for any Presidency, it's cash for his bloody retirement fund!! It IS a conspiracy, all these extra affiliated sites to rake more money from the unaware.
When I joined up in 2010, there were Met-Art and Errotica Archives. During 2012, Rylsky got his banner and a Dozen other sites and affiliates were introduced.
Retired, I can only afford a monthly sub of $40 to M-A and $10 to E-A. That's $50pm. $600pa. Next year I'll be better off and will pay an annual fee of $100, but I'd never be dumb enough to include another 5 sites at the same price!!
This is pure greed on M-A's part, and we're the dumb-arses filling their coffers.

Rich, I got my subscription to RA for $7.99, though I signed on early and I suspect were I to sign up today it would be $10.00, as were my subscriptions to ALSScan, Stunning18 and EternalDesire.

I feel for ya being on fixed income, but additional subscriptions are NOT expensive. And they are easy to cancel, should their content not be worth the expenditure.

Not the same price you pay for MA and you can get any others you want for $10 each. That's pretty awesome if you ask me.

Every Rylsky gallery on MetArt contain a banner above comments + many thumbnails below.
If model presented on RylskyArt - her profile page contain link under tags... They really have some Committee...
It is conspiracy theory indeed


LOL And why not!!

True. And mostly new models will be on RyslkyArt first and before MetArt: as was with Taissia, Yvonne, Dianda, Delicia, etc.
I thought you knew this.


Bending the rules!!! I luv it!!!

Beautiful smile, delicious rear and edible pussy, Yvonne has it all !!

Fantastically beautiful !! Totally gorgeous face, heavenly blue eyes, sweet button nipples, luscious open lips ... Welcome with bells on, lovely Yvonne.

Yvonne is another lovely addition to Met. Yvonne is a great looking woman, stunning actually, and she has a great body. I like the photography in this set also. More Yvonne please.

Great job Yvonne. You are beautiful. Raven black hair, wonderful blue eyes and radiant smile. Beautifuly toned and conditions body. You have worked hard in the gym.

Rylsky, beautiful interior location to high light this lady's beauty and charm.


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