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awesome! if she had a sexy panty in her shorts would be a plus.

That Smile! Those Eyes! That Smile! MMMMmmmeeeelllttting............


  • 2 years ago:

Yvonne has a dynamite smile. A really, really pretty young woman.

Oh, and image number 69 makes my day.

69???? did you said 69!?!?

This is a most excellent set, the best one today by many standards IMO. Yvonne is enthusiastic and models for us with happiness and adds so much spark. Her physical qualities are very appealing as well. This is the type of quality I like to see here. Thank you Yvonne and Rylsky.

Rylsky, you out did yourself today. Yvonne, beautiful, just absolutely beautiful.

Yvonne, you have such a beautiful pink oyster. I could eat sweet pink oysters all day. I loved this photo set.

Ry, Your history lesson is well taken today. When the comment section began here I was worried it would be, for lack of a better word, lowbrow. However I, from the beginning, and probably egotistical, decided I would attempt to "push" for intelligent worthwhile content on this section. Apparently a good number of other members felt the same way. What has developed is, while probably not unique, a very good community of "fans" for the positive aspects of what Met is all about. I would say we probably have close to 50 members who now regularly join in a positive way. Look where we have come to. You were one of the first artist to begin sharing with us your perspective. IMO your actions have been one of the best influences for what we have now. I can't believe how much I have learned from you. About the models, the artists, and in general how "things" work in a part of the world that most Americans knew little about. I personally hope that you will continue to share with us, because IMO we all benefit from you perspective. While I am getting long winded again I today I won't apologies, PLEASE STAY WITH US!

I didn't siad I want to go away from MA comments. I described why I wrote many comments before and why MAYBE I will have not so much time for it in future. Now it looks like you think I will fly away forever. No, sir.

Ry, Thank you, give us whatever you can justify of your time in the new project. My comment was just to make sure you knew how I think we all feel about your involvement.

I think I already said a lot either to became a friendly or totally hate me as commenter. I am happy to see it helps understood things "from the other side" for so many members.

Rylsky, if anyone hates you then they are an ass. You have never written anything offensive.

I'm not a photographer but I realize some members are, if these people have a problem with your work (or any other Met Art photographer for that metter) who's stopping them from submitting their own photographs to Met Art?

Well said, Browning. ( :
(I am glad you contribute your opinions, too.)

Thanks fer_realz, I feel the same way.

Good example Rylsky.....here in the US, we call this person an "Armchair Quarterback".
Another analogy is a "Back Seat Driver".

Got it to my notebook of American phrases. thanks!

the best "players" in football are always sitting with beer in armchairs and they always know how to make touchdown best way while "bad players" trying to so it for real on a TV.

swplf2 - I, too must say that I have learned much from Rylsky's posts these past few months. It has enriched my experience here being able to "chat" with him and other photogs here. I can't say that I have ever been to a nude site that has a truly meaningful forum like this one. It IS a community, really. When you were out for a few days, many of us missed your contribution, even became concerned.

Rylsky, I understand that you may have other ambitions in life than to post comments to members around the world, but look what it has become, and we have you to thank for helping to kick it off. I hope that you can find time to join us often to share your insight, your wit and humor.

I'm glad you're back posting again swplf2.

Egotistical is not a word that comes to my mind when reading any of your comments.....I agree that you don't give up easily when you want information (this is probably a habit you picked up back in your days as a prosecutor).....but this can also be a good quality to have.

What I appreciate most about Rylsky is his honesty.
He speaks his mind and respects those who do the same (as long as they are not crude or disrespectful).
I admire the way he goes to such lengths to protect his models privacy and security.

I personally enjoy learning about different cultures and Rylsky has taught me a few things here too.
I hope this forum has helped eliminate a few stereotypes we may have had about each other's country also.

What I like most about Yvonne is that she really seems to enjoy life. She's a beautiful woman with a great big smile and pretty blue eyes.

Nice set Rylsky....IMO the best set of the day by far.

I have a very warm spot in my heart for this remarkably beautiful young woman. Such a beautiful body, such an enchanting face, and such a captivating personality. Yvonne has such a wonderful inviting smile, so friendly and happy. Yvonne, you are wonderful.

She is indeed all that, and more. ( :

Lovely girl and a lovely set too. The first page was not to my tastes because of the glare from the sun but once you brought her into the room things really began to look up. I love the shots beginning at #60 where she is highlighted against the dark wood. It really brings our all her wonderful traits. The pale skin, black hair, dazzling blue eyes and lovely smile. Once she spread those labes that beautiful flower was so alluringly pink and inviting it was hard to concentrate on anything else. #119 is my favorite. I love that cute seductive look. Yvonne is certainly one of Rylsky great regulars and that make me happy.

It really is hard to concentrate on anything but her loveliness, isn't it... Yvonne is distraction in a human incarnation... ( : ( :

I'm absolutely digging how much fun Yvonne seems to be having displaying her flawless body and milky white skin.
It's nice to know there are beautiful women out there who do not feel the inclination or pressure to prematurely age their skin. I hope we see many more sets of this delicious pale beauty!

...and your hope will came true. I promise.

Rylsky, last week you said that you weren't going to be commenting on MA for very much longer. I hope that's not true. One of the things that makes the MA comment section so fun is you, Catherine, Deltagamma, Flora, et. al. joining in the conversation.

For an example, just look at the sets of the photographers who never join in the conversation. There might be some comments, but never a discussion or a conversation, the way there are on your sets.

So I hope you continue to dialog with us here on MA, not just RA.

I said:
"Some day I will not post on MetArt my thoughts and answers anymore or I will do it rarely, but anybody will see my point of view to many questions without asking. That's my main idea why I wrote so many comments on MetArt.
Very soon my main project will take all my time, you know what project I mean."

Or, for that matter, look at the comments section at Eternal Desire or Stunning 18... dead. The art on the sites is enjoyable enough, but having ZERO dialog in the comments section makes those websites much less enjoyable to stay on for very long.

(Oh, and in my mention of the photographers who join in I forgot to mention Arkisi, who is getting more and more involved in the comment section)

"The art on the sites is enjoyable enough, but having ZERO dialog in the comments section makes those websites much less enjoyable to stay on for very long."

Please don't forget that met-art was absolutely without any public comments since 1999. Members only wrote emails to support and none was visible. At the same time some sites in same softcore niche was with comments. Alexa.com will show you stats or just trust your feelings - I think we both know that met-art was 100 times more successful vs. these sites with comments.

I have my rules not to discuss here about any photographer. I just can say that I personally talk to some very famous photographers and I understand why you said that dialogue is very good thing. It was helpful and useful when I was not commercial photographer and it stays the same for me and I hope for most of members.

But one very wise main said long time ago: "If you like somebody's art work (songs, music, photography, etc) - be ready that you may be disappointed when you know him personally outside his work. Sometimes it will change your feelings about his work. So try to see art outside personality. Art is art when it makes you feel something inside of yourself, not when it makes you love artist".

Thanks for the p.s., Rylsky, it definitely puts things into perspective.
I will reiterate that, in almost all respects, my regard and respect for the photographers here on MA has only increased once they have taken part in the conversation. I cannot remember an instance of feeling less respect as a result of their contributions to the conversation.
However, you are of course correct; we are all human and we all have our very unlovable traits as well as our admirable ones.

Love the artist? He must first earn that. None of us love the artist blindly. It is your work that we love and no artist will be loved if he or she does not continue to move their admirers. No one is perfect. Every artist will fail from time to time but this is the way of life. Many of the skills that make you and other photographers popular are not even seen. Your ability to pick the right girls and train them to be all they can be is one of the big factors and is only seen through the quality of your work. But your interest in us and what we think is one factor that makes you and the others stand out among the others. I have learned much from talking to different photographers here and your participation here has helped us to understand more about the models and the artists and about your world which is so far from ours. I think you have found through RA that is a very valuable tool in selling your work.

Love the artist?

we had so many examples to understand it. Let's take Andrea Bocelli or Ray Charles or S. Wonder as examples: singers (composers), blind. You can forget it all and never know them as real persons , just listen to their songs and voices. It is fair. And we all know about Beethoven.

Now look at those who became "stars" now bacause they are "sexy", not because they are talented.

Just like that.
Are you philosopher as well as a photographer?

Philosopher, photographer, poet.
Triple threat.
( :

I don't think it is about philosophy. I think it is about way of thinking. I am happy that I've met many wise men, some of them are photographers as well.

Welcome back Yvonne you're even more beautiful.
Yvonne sexy and uninhibited at once opens up in front to the looks
and offers with grace and mischief all her femininity.
A set very enjoyable.

My day starts with a beautiful, blue-eyed brunette. Life is good.

My day starts with a beautiful, smiling, blue-eyed brunette. Life is very good


Yvonne, you are enchanting. I love your black hair and blue eyes and all the beautiful things that go with them. Come again soon. xoxoxoxo

I know you are RA member. So i must say that "again soon" is RylskyArt's update Friday, Nov 15th, 2013

I hope it makes you happy.


I don't know about Sailor, but that news makes ME happy.
Very happy. ( :

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