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I gave this set a 10 MAINLY BECAUSE OF THE SKIRT. Thank you, Mr. Rylsky.

And if she had stockings and heels on for the whole set, I would have given it a 20.

  • 2 years ago:

It's Yvonne A, it's Rylsky, what more do you need to know? Six sets now of this combo, here and on RA. All of them fantastic. I'm eagerly awaiting the next set (and the next set after that...) to see if the streak continues!

You are literally taking the piss now, Rylsky. She has a skirt around her waist more or less the whole set. Ruined. Utterly, utterly ruined. What you are doing should be illegal. I sincerely hope, sir, that you are forever plagued by stinging insects living in your underwear.

Or maybe in a skirt that's wrapped around your waist!!!

119: Here, kitty, kitty. What's that on the shoreline across the water?

113: What's not to like? Even the spider web is perfect. It taunts us: "someone is gonna get caught.........." The water continues the theme of green, and even if the model's eyes are not green, they are well flattered by the green here.

A couple of times the view from the camera made the water look more murky than erotic. -Perhaps it would be better to say that in all the rest of the images with water, our photographer did a good job making the water look nicer than it was.

A couple more pictures like 25 (my pick for best in the series) with only contrast of skin, wall, and leaves of the corkscrew willow might have been nice. Maybe not too convenient to say: hey, "take off the skirt for 2 pictures then put it back on and make sure you end up in the same place with the same pose as before"

82 is too good not to mention. That many shades of one color can sometimes be hard enough on the eyes to detract from our model. Here it's like one big soft green visual pillow gently pushing the model towards the attention of the viewer. Too bad about the white logo on the skirt. It jumps out to steal some attention.

The hair is an excellent color next to the skin. The hair works just right with the shape of our model's face, always framing too good effect. And so many different smiles and expressions are captured surely enough to give the audience a smile too.

It's amazing what a colorful short skirt can do to enhance what is already so beautiful and one who is so talented in their photography.

Yvonne charming brunette with blue eyes and fair skin.
Happy to be a woman, she knows to be beautiful and wants to show it to everyone, naked without shame.
Brava Yvonne !

To Yvonne the merits of her beauty.
To Rylsky the merit of being able to convey the beauty of Yvonne.

Where is that дача?

Where is that дача?
in central European part of Russia.
it is not дача. It is house in a village.

makes me think of the woods, to the wide open spaces of Russia to fresh air and fragrant.

Beautiful girl, fantastic smile, and a very nice ass

What a sweet treat ~ a set chock full of sinfully delicious uskirt shots of a cute, pretty, sexy "girl next door." Rylsky's outdone himself, IMO.

"uskirt"??? Is that a uskirt? ;o)

Maybe the u is for the greek letter mu which often denotes 'micro' or 10 to the negative sixth power.

(Sorry fer_realz, just having some fun with you)

's OK, friend! I forgot the first rule of comment forum which is, ALWAYS double check your posts for errors BEFORE hitting "post." ( :
Just to clarify, so you won't worry that I suffered a mini-stroke in the middle of my post: I meant, "upskirt." NOT "uskirt." ( :

utube, ustream...

Before I forget:

Still I think ALL the photosets need more photos in landscape format!

MetArt is not a magazine to thumb through. We generally don't use our display in upright Position.

MetArt is not a magazine to thumb through. We generally don't use our display in upright Position.
correct for 2000s. Now we are in 2014: most members use tablets (iPad and "Androids"). Also now many monitors have rotating feature.

And photography will always be here in resolution fully useable for printing at least 45cm long side.

Landscape format is correct for MOVIES

It would be great to use my ipad. If MetArt had an app or a viewer that let me get full use of the screen in high res without the picture being off the screen and without microscopic buttons -Great!

I don't know anyone with a rotating large screen TV.

I don't know anyone with a rotating monitor. Not even the geek programmers with 10 functioning monitors.

A particular format is "correct" wherever it best shows an audience the talent and ability of the artist.

I don't know anyone with a rotating monitor. Not even the geek programmers with 10 functioning monitors.
if some feature presented on Market - it was only because some people ready to buy it....

I don't know anyone with a rotating large screen TV.
I didn't meant TVs. But if you remember, TV format and proportions was created for motion picture=movies. Now we have 4:3 and 16:9
Photocameras have no "standard" even with proportions. you know it. Or maybe let's upload all proportions versions for all screen types? Impossible if you have thousands pics weekly.

Yes, "Apps" is good idea, I never checked if metart created apps for iOS, or Android... but anyway watching ".jpeg" files (when you download zip files) is not a problem for any tablet. right?
Sorry, apps is not photographer's question.

Anyway, "members comments" feature started maybe year ago here. Thanks for your inputs for our work! Be sure, we are reading it with attention.

And I thank you for reading.

If you wanted me to put jpeg files on my ipad, you shouldn't have made so many good jpeg files.

And my nephew would figure out the ipad passcode. And then my sister would beat me with a stick. She is very good with a stick.


If you wanted me to put jpeg files on my ipad, you shouldn't have made so many good jpeg files.
this is your territory, I never tried to cross it. honestly, I never use tablets and smartphones. People are different. We just talk about possibilities our days.

have a nice weekend!

To Rylsky concerning his yesterday's comments:

By no means I do hate you. Undoubtable you are one of MA's best photographer. But IMO you don't tap your full potential and that's why I assail you more often. Viewing your photosets with all the repetitions and similar pics again and again I got the notion that you don't spend the essential time for your photoshoots compared to some other photographers (e.g. like Leonardo).

I'm convinced you've got the capability to do your work even better if you would make your photosets with even more reasonable care (expenditure of time, environment, décor, facilities, furnishings, model's make-up etc.)

Today's RA photoset of Nikia proves that I'm right. This set has it all: 10/10 for you (and Nikia)!

Once again: tap your potentiality - and I will show my respekt!

I would never assail a quite inapt photographer that can't do it better. I hope you will understand ........

No offence meant! ;)


Like Leonardo????? For me Leonardo is a scenery photographer! He worries more about the backgrounds than the models but then we all have different tastes and look for different things. For me Leo is way down the list from the top met photographers.

for me personally the reason to see more than 3-4 sets of specific model is never background. if you like backgrounds - why not travel the World or subscribe to cable TV channel "Nat Geo" or "Travel"...

When we love erotic photos of the woman - we love how she changes from set to set. If you see the same over and over again - ask yourself why you waste your time. Another reason for me to stop looking "new" sets is when I know what I will see even without opening gallery. Even perfect poses, lighting and technique means nothing for me if I see no little changes in details. That's why for me as photographer it is always important to see that something surprises you. If you've read what Paradise is - just imagine that you are in Paradise forever...nothing can be more boring. I never trust that Paradise exists because our Lord Creator is not drug dealer. Something wrong with description of it for sure.
We feel Orgasm as most beautiful peak of senses only because we are not feeling it 99,9999% of our lifetime. So, let's love simple things.

Erotica is not competition of quality, it is mixed feelings about woman. Yes, woman, because man is not erotic model, man is for action only when he is a model. IMO.

well said.

One of the few things we agree on...;o)

BTW, let us know your grade of vote scores as "my score is for...."

as example
0- for totally tasteless background, makeup, light, posing and because my head is aching after yesterday's vodka + my cat pissed on my boots
1 - same as 0 but I am not drunk
2 - same as 1 but at least I find 5 bucks in my old coat
10 - I am so hard, babe...yeah, now


Thank goodness the cat didn't piss IN the boots, 'cos there's no -1, amirite?

To Rylsky concerning his yesterday's comments:
better think about other days answers from Rylsky. it was a day with clear compare between your comment to Kristel's and Anna AJ's sets

"mole on my face is nice, mole on your face is ugly". true if it is about your "judgement" here in comments.



and we have other comments that clearly shows everything about your feelings to my work. everybody see it.

I wish you would set up your own photo studio and website and compete with Rylsky. If you are so confident that your artistic vision is superior to Rylsky's and Catherine's, your work would be something amazing to see. If you are as good as you seem to be, I would be happy to pay the subscription fee. It seems to me that Rylsky's colleagues respect each other and admire each other's work. They certainly recognize and understand what is involved in producing such work. Catherine once told me that Rylsky was the "master." Rylsky once gave me a list of about five of his favorite photographers. That list included Roy Stuart, whom I do not like at all. In the final analysis, these are just naughty pictures of pretty ladies. MetArt has millions of them. Why not just enjoy what you like and ignore the rest? There is no need to be so critical.

Rylsky once gave me a list of about five of his favorite photographers
let me be more correct: maybe NOT favs, but they are all interesting and can make you think about erotic art and sexuality, not only watch and..."sit on my face", "makes me cum", "marry me", etc (see tags on metart)

In my opinion, the best Roy Stuart product to be seen on MetArt is the hard bound photo book that Gillian A used as a prop in her gallery named Krullen by Rylsky. But that is just me.

As I said, he made me think about raw sensuality and hidden part of our mind. Read his interviews, think about why he became so famous and so scandalous... We know nothing about our sexuality if we only take bright side. Internet let us break many borders, it shows many "dark sides" of human, including sexuality and personalitIES that had no voice in public before... So many cultures now mixed up...

It's more important than just take good pictures.

Rylsky, I would be very interested to read this interview. Is it available on the internet?
BTW, I am a fan of Roy Stuart myself. He had a gift of evoking the sexuality of his models very powerfully in a way few other artists do... ( :

Neil, who were the other four?

Neil, who were the other four?

we are alive so it means our tastes changes from time to time...
some artists (nude, akt, erotic) made me want to know and think more or to try more or be speechless...

- Stuart (he was presented on MetArt)
- Hamilton
- Pasha (he was presented on MetArt)
- J Stephen Hicks
- Andrew Blake (movies)
- Helmut Newton

and more of course

Thank you for the response. This is an interesting list.

As for J. Stephen Hicks, I've always admired the lucidity of his work. Years ago I came across an ad for a calendar he'd worked on, and just from the thumbnails you could tell it was him; no one else could have done it so simply and so cleanly. I also respect him for his ethics. He's very concerned about women going into the pornographic industry, and does what he can to prevent it. That once left him in a compromised position, since his site originally did have explicit male / female photography. In the end he removed it, and took a financial loss by doing so.

I confess that his work is not to my own taste, at an emotional level, while I find your own work to be much more congenial. But I do think highly of him as an artist and as a human being.

True. My list is not about "like", I told you , it is list of Masters who can show you something or make you think more and from different angles.
Hicks's photography is excellence in GLAMOROUS porn (it's very unusual feeling but you can easily find his photos to print and place on your wall as calendar or art BUT YOU KNOW IT WAS downloaded FROM PORNSITE), I never was interested to see his b/g part, I was a member of his site not because of this part. 2nd that was very interesting for me was his Q&A area of site, 3rd was "backstage" part, etc.

I don't want you to think that my "list" is for I tried to became clone of any of them. When you're clone you are always 2nd or less, but you always will talk the truth to yourself "I am almost fake".

I was very happy to talk to J.S.Hicks in emails some years ago. Yes, he was Gentleman.

Yes, that's exactly what I think of Hicks' work as well. For me, what he's doing is exactly backwards. I feel that the world is a beautiful place and, in a sense, our teacher: rather than trying to impose our prejudices and complaining like a child when our expectations aren't met, we ought to be grateful when we are given the chance to see something new, and to go outside ourselves. There is that joy in things just as they are found, and in people just as they are. That's what I respond to in your work, and what puts me off about Hicks', as good as it it in other respects.

Which is the spirit in which I assumed your list was intended. In life, you want to be open to what's good, and you let the rest go. There's a British expression about a "curate's egg," referring to an old cartoon about a curate who is eating a rotten egg and bravely saying that some parts of it are very good. That is, he's trying to pretend the egg isn't completely spoiled, when it actually is. Curate's eggs do exist, but most things are *not* curate's eggs, and we can learn from many things without needing them to be somehow ideal. In fact, we can often learn the most from people who would make choices very different from our own.

And, of course, we can learn from people without imitating them. For myself, I don't like glamor, and I don't like porn, but I do find it instructive to see how people like J.S. Hicks or Andrew Blake approach things, and particularly how they distill the content of their images and keep a sense of space around them, so they look elegant and effortless. I can't think of anything you've done that looked remotely like a copy of these people's work, but, to the extent I can see through your eyes, I can see why they might have something to say to you. Thank you again for sharing the list.

I liked Hicks' backstage sections as well. It is very pleasant to see such things on your own site.

I paid about $100.00 per year for my MetArt membership. In one year, MetArt published about 1460 sets (four per day.) So each individual set costs me about 7 cents, certainly not worth criticizing. My membership costs me about 27 cents per day. If I divide my $100.00 by the millions of photo sets in MetArt's archive, these photos cost almost nothing at all. No need to be critical and demanding.

Last year in 2013, MetArt published 12,960 photos in those 1460 sets. I say if someone can't find a lot that they like in almost 13,000 photos, they are way too picky.

I only go back to 2005, but from then up to today there have been 12,775 photosets or videos posted by my count.

If I divide my $100.00 by the millions of photo sets in MetArt's archive, these photos cost almost nothing at all. No need to be critical and demanding.

+++ you see here friends to talk, models to ask, etc...

I have a soft spot in my heart for this beautiful young lady. She has such a wonderfully radiant smile, with exquisite blue eyes. With her dark black hair, blue eyes and her friendly, happy and playful face, Yvonne could be Loreen's younger sister.

... or Anita's ...

I give Yvonne 10/10 for her exhilarant smile but she needs a proper haircut.

Black hair, Lovely blue eyes and a great smile, + a very desirable butterfly to start the fantasies going! Nice front and rear shots. Pretty much fulfills my wish list!



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