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GREAT set with gorgeous redhead Zarina: Beautiful, Cute & Sexy.

Thanks Leonardo.

Nice job! A lot more of Zarina, please and thanks.

This girl is simply amazing. I love her.

Zarina´s flesh tone shows a quite unusual blueish color fringing,that
make the images less desirable.Otherwise Zarina looks as edible as always.

The Seller

The blue backlighting is coming from the ambient window light, which is bluer than the strobes. Amazing that you would even notice, with such yummy delights staring at you.

Very nice... Quite the little fox, this Zarina!!

Juuuust when you thought Zarina couldn't possibly get more adorable, this set comes along. 30 wonderful bottomless shots to start things off? That's just not fair.

I know, right? I'm a sucker too... ( ;

disappointing set for a top model. not enough attention on Zarina top.

Adorable woman, just wish the shirt would have come off sooner.

A genuine smile works wonders, Zarina looks fantastic here and appears to be enjoying herself every bit as much as we are enjoying her, I love the 80's style top, it works particularly well in this delightful bottomless presentation.

Zarina's past work here with Arkisi has always been a delight, but for me this collaboration with Leonardo surpasses that, it's always a pleasure to see different photographers bring out new aspects of a truly gorgeous, beautiful young woman.

Agreed, I'm always all for having other photogs shoot our models. Getting that on one site is a bonus. The different take on the cute-as-ever Zarina was a good start to my morning.

... needs to nibble those amazing rough nipples ...

Zarina is nothing short of awwww-dorable in that cute croptop with Minnie Mouse and the matching bowtie in her hair ~ and a great big smile. "Bottomless" pictures are cute to start with... and then add a firecracker like Zarina, and you have the winning formula for a set. ( :

Her smile - she always seems to be wearing one (like a couple of other favorites of mine) is really one of few "meet-cute" things she projects. Even when fully clothed (something I'd like to see) that smile just seems magnetic. I'd bet she'd always light up a room when she walked into it.

The "side shots" of Zarina (#24, 26-30 etc.) show us another kind of "meet-cute" side of her - not to mention that darling derriere and great, well-developed legs.

She also has a fabulous set of what I've always called "pink-nosed puppies" - medium-to-small breasts with a slight upturn to them and small-to medium pink areolas perched atop.

"Puppies" is the perfect metaphor for breasts like this... warm, soft, cuddly, eager, pert, playful, etc. etc. etc....

Been a favorite since her postings on R-A but honestly, the sweet face and buff, lithe little body only go so far. I really wish she'd go back to her more "normal" hair color - or at least tone this color down a bit - that might work.

Oh well, I guess we can't agree on EVERYthing can we, Arkie... ( ; This hair color works fine for me, not least because she looks almost exactly like a friend I've had a crush on for like the last decade who also dyed her hair this color. ( : But she looks just fine in her (presumably) natural hair color as at RA, too.

Wow! Love the bow in her hair. Very sexy.

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