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  • jazz
  • 11 months ago:

Absolutely perfect

I loved the way Arkisi used the soft lighting thru the curtains to highlight Zelda's boby,face and sexy eyes in half dark,half light specialy images #13 to #16 showing Zelda's strong firm thighs,her labia lips image #31 to #34 truly highlights both Zelda's breasts and gorgeous face,the close up images #24 and #25 of Zelda's breats,erect nipples are just priceless and as Zelda has no biograghy as a female member i would have to state that her lovely breast are of a medium size only one can tell if Zelda does a movie which would be great :) as in the MetArt's own moto ( Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art ) this set lives up to it very well it's truely both Beauty and Art rolled into one ;)


spectacular - perfection

Lovely celestrial girl next door. Every boy and man needs a woman of this calibre. She'll teach ya the way of this world......... without a doubt, she knows what she is all about. Life in the fast lane, she can satisfy. Innocence is her look, body movements and display betray her innocence, she knows what she is doing. Big brown eyes, that radiant glow of smile, so warm and comforting, exhaust all measures to ignor. She is a siren of Greek, Methology, one that calls sailors into the rocks, ship wreck in pursuit of Zelda B. She is a favorite, despite my distruction on the rocky shores of her cunning.

Zelda B is simply breathtakingly beautiful. Beautiful face, sensational body - awesome breasts & nipples. Please lets have some more soon - if possible wearing some white cotton panties....

She is the hottest model anywhere right now, cover girl face, perfect breasts, tight teen body, just perfect

On any other site I would agree with you, but on Metart? Just take a look at the top models, there are a lot of "perfect" women there. Of course Zelda is one of them.

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