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She rocks!

She rocks!

tes parents peuvent ètre fier de toit tu es vraiment magnifique et sensuel bravo

Zelda never disappoints!!! She is just so hot!!!

So gorgeous it hurts!

Absolute perfection!

why is Zelda #6, she is far superior than the top 5

Beautiful Lady! Great photoset! She is so seductive! Number 28! Me encanta la seductor mirada en sus hermosos, dulce, ojos marrones y la forma en que ella es acariciando ella niza, poco tetas y sus hermosas marrones coño labios se retrotraído justo un poco es justo impresionante! ¿Está ella querer a mostrar un poco más de color rosa? Creo que ella está a punto listo de mostrar más rosa! Niza! Niza, cariño! Zelda, eres dulce, poco seductora dama! Muéstrame más! Abrir tu rosa, por favor! Vamos cariño, usted puede sorprenderme! Por favor se extendió abierto tu rosa y sonreír para me! ¡Gracias!

Thanks Caballo. I'm learning some great Spanish line to use on my Latina gf. She's impressed. You are my Cyrano de Bergerac. Keep it coming.

My favourite model. Hands down she's a 10.


Neg bang ALL CAPS

This girl is a perfect 10

i usually grade Goncharov 1/10. but this set is really good
Zelda B is more than beautiful and more than gorgeous. her boobs are marvelous and deliciously beautiful. i love her legs, her pussy, and her ass.

good set

Definitely a winner with this set.

Pure, sexy and sweet - the woman of my dreams

Breathtaking! I am totally in love with Zelda, so anything she's in is a 10 to me! This is a nice location with great lighting. Very nice.

I see Zelda has many sets on RylskyArt... If anyone can get me to spend more money, it's her! The temptation is overwhelming...

Therein lies the trap, my friend - Spend More Money!!

Met-Art, with their 50 chiefs, there are no Indians here, need $'s to maintain the lifestyle they've become accustomed to. Hence they're now offer 1 dozen sites free!!:-) The short straw spells it out, those Free Sites are on a two day trial only.

Met-Art is of the impression that because they are now all millionaires and living nicely 'thank you' out of OUR wallets, we must be also. They are forgetting that Real people have budgets to which they must adhere, and are in no position to squander money on 12 sites at $100 a year each.

Actually, less than $10 per month per site is ridiculously cheap for what you get. But you're right, that's still more than some people should spend on porn. They would be better off spending their time improving their financial position.

Very true. The trick is to know when enough is enogh. But a membership with Metart and a membership with RA are an affordable luxury. But you do not get the articles written by some of today's most insightful authors, if you get my meaning.

Look at the articles on Zelda!

You all have good points -- and well taken.

But it's been my experience that more than two sites at a time is simply a waste of money. If there is any considerable amount of material on any given site, you will spend all your time on one or two, and the others will go un-visted. You would be wasting the money.

If you REALLY want ALL of Zelda's work that badly, you would be better off "mining" the sites. When one is empty -- cancel and move to the other one. You can always re-subscribe later if necessary.

Personally, I'm considering moving off Met because their download speeds can become ridiculously slow. A company of this reputation should upgrade their bandwidth accessability rather than making a futile effort to corner the market on porn. There will always be other sites springing up. A well-run business will always -- "Do what YOU do BEST, and leave the OTHERS to do the REST"!

Reading all this four months later is particularly amusing to me (rock) as I think about the 250,000 PLUS images I have downloaded from two sites...LOL AND I believe I WILL be giving Rylsky more of my money!!! lmao!!! There's no getting away from the fact that he has the best looking girls to be found on the web!! And I need as many pictures of them as I can store!! lol

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