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Agree totally w/ fred & lv2cyngcnt! LOVE shot # 109! This amazing smoker serves up her big beautiful bald PP and pretty puckered asshole at sniffing distance looking down at the camera! Yummy! Very good girl!

I have seen female perfection; Zelda is her name!
What an absolutely perfect pussy! What a delicious sweet meat cunt!!

Nice posing.

Zelda is also in my favourite list:-) I like this Sweety because she has a very innocent image:-) Kisses Zelda...

Zelda has a beautiful smile. Pretty girl.

Zelda is perfect in every way, and she easily makes my all time favorites list!!! Great set!!!

Gorgeous girl

My favorite girl on Met, cover girl face, sweet smile, beautiful body

Those rear shots and closeups are breathtaking.

What a pretty woman. Thanks Rlysky...your sets are by far the best on Metart.

Zelda is so cute and always smiling. This is another set where it appears you work well together and it makes the best results. Great set with her, thank you Rylsky for bringing her to us.

Most beautiful girl - from head to toe, back to front, but specially in the middle. Excellently photographed.
Image 50 is one of the best pussy-shots on the web.

I prefer 109-I love the way you can see her eyes peaking over the top. Both are spectacular though. Zelda is the whole package.

Good call fred, 109 is an especially good photo!!!

Thank you for saving this day. while the other girls today did not impress me your sweet smiling face and happy style brought the sun and made me smile. I see you have lost weight. Please be careful and don't lose to much.

Ry, I had not rated Zelda before today set I did as I normally do when first giving a rating. I reviewed her other sets and read a variety of comments. I gave her one of my rare 10's. I know from your responses to me that you don't really care about the rating. So on to what I see and think about her. She has not been exclusive to you, but she is used on your site. In my opinion you have done the best with her. No question. When you introduced her here back on 10,13,2012 you gave us those wonderful "street" dressed shots you do so well. She is doll with and without clothes. However, and you say she seeks her privacy, then she probably can keep it. In the street shots she is a very cute girl, but she does not project her "assets" as we see her here, which is a good thing. After what you told us about the sicko idiots' in your part of the world, I hope she can stay safe and be comfortable staying on the site for a long time. Once again you have made a great find, and as I said she is at her best when you shot her.

Thank you for understanding my policy, I really appreciate it.

Oh you will get many thumbs down for call our sets "best with her" :)
But even she was not exclusive - we are friends at all. She is very friendly personally and her work as a model is absolutely professional and pure joy from photographer's side.

Yes , she will stay with us for a long time. At least be sure about her sets on RylskyArt every month. By the way, you can see already her one and only video on RylskyArt.com

Zelda is as beautiful, as cute, as sweet and as sensual as she possibly can be. She is an adorable little doll. It is probably impossible to take a bad photo of this remarkable young woman. It is always a joy to view her photos.

Warmest regards and best wishes Zelda. You are wonderful.

Zelda has a rear to die for . wow !

Keep on living even if "death" was so sweet. The best is yet to come.

You say, Rylsky, that "The best is yet to come...." I take that to mean the "best" is going to be eye-poppingly, hair-raisingly off the Planet?:-) Might I also expect some cream to float in my After Dinner Grand Marnier or Breakfast coffee??

Zelda is truly stunning, and you have done some incredible work with her. I wish you both, a long and happy association.

It DID take Arkisi to bring us her true beauty. Rylsky started off OK with his attempt at a fashion shoot, but as soon as her clothes were off, so was the color. One dimensional, black and brown lifeless rubbish was the result.

From being one of my most sought-after shooters, Rylsky has dropped off my radar over the past 12+ months. The BIG $ signs are flashing brilliantly around M-A!! They can dupe more money out of their subscribers by opening other, more graphic sites. That's why we have to join Rylsky Art and Eternal Desire(?) to find more explicit (maybe) work of Zelda.
NIKIA, you are a truly beautiful young woman. Your hair, (rollers or not;), the promise your eyes convey, such a succulent mouth, perfect breasts, slim waist, to your gorgeous legs. You are vibrant and enthusiastic about your hobby. Glamourous Perfection.

The above is obvious even from the flat, one-dimensional, colorless images Rylsky has taken of you. I love you for your effervescence and innocence, but any other photographer would have you surrounded by color, and popping out of the computer monitor.
This set is total bullshit. Rylsky, in my opinion, just doesn't get it. For me, there are just TWO, (2) images I like in this set, but even then, I can't keep them in Toto. 86 I'd keep for the set of her lips and 114, just for the look in her eyes.
For Rylsky, M-A has become the dumping ground for his crap. It's as obvious as dog's-balls TO ME that since Rylsky became affiliated to M-A in early 2012, his submissions here have become crap.
His sets have become flat, one-dimensional, toneless crap. Feeona's make-up is all wrong, too pale for the background. Her eyes and lips undefined in almost completely white images. Rylsky goes for either shades of black or shades of white. Then he sets his camera up, sets it for an image every five minutes, then leaves. Judging by the results of his work in the past 15 months, I think HE must play with himself during the period of he shoot. Because that is what I think his work has become. Just a bloody jack-off!!
Feeona here, is not the problem. It's her bloody artist(?!!!) Rylsky's work with Feeona has been going backwards since the first time they worked together. I could list 20 photographers - not shooters - who would bring out the ultimate best in Feeona, without having t think about it!!
It's not the model who's in training. It's the bloody photographer, and judging from this entire series, he's got to get back to the basics.

These are nothing more than family album shoots.

I don't know if it's affiliation to M-A or being named as one of their 'top' photographers, but since early 2012, Rylsky's work degenerated beyond belief.
Your ego, Rylsky, far out-weighs your photographic ability.
Rylsky and his bloody water!! He must shoot the dirtiest models on the planet!! Why else this fixation??
Has Rylsky ever looked at a printed image that is not fully focused. Doesn't he realise how inane, off-putting and ludicrous it looks? And let's be honest, it's not 'soft-focus' that Bob Guccione did-to-death in the 70's, it's just poor/lazy photography.

Rylsky has forgotten a lot of things, including the first paragraph of M-A/E-A Philosophy, which reads in part ".......to bring the subscribers what they want....." Neither site is doing this and hasn't since Jan 2012.

Rylsky has also forgotten how/where to focus his camera, and forgotten the importance of color. His sets have become flat and boring.
Alex Sironi, Alex S, Alex, A.S, "Please" make the next set of this Damsel, yours. Please.

Rylsky can't figure his arse from his elbow, so please, I hope your submission to this site, yours.

We need ART here, not Egotistical B/S!!

What is this garbage? Why does it say that Rylsky posted it?

It sounds and looks very much like a similar rant left several months ago...and I can't recall the users name.... Probly the same guy. Has to be tweeking to type that much...lol

Amusing that this vitriol laced rant is ascribed to Rylsky.

I believe we can guess 1 or 2 likely candidates.

why 2? it is only "best of" from comments of 1 member. He only will speak to himself instead of me under my galleries. Now I just answer to him with his best comments. Enjoy.

My question is,,,, Do you owe him money or did you steel his girlfriend?

That much hate must be eating him alive!

I agree 100% Baggy36Pants, Rylsky is one of the very few photographers who responds to comments and I guess he has accumulated a couple "haters" because of this.....BUT.....I am positive that he has gained the respect of far more who appreciate his interaction with Met Art members.

Yes, negam13, I think you are right. I respect ANY photog that has the guts to post on the comments of their own galleries and reply to members. I'm sure all any of them want is to hear meaningful feedback and encouragement from the members. And they get shit like this... neither meaningful nor encouraging, putting it mildly.

Great post kilroy....you said it better than I did.

Zelda, honey, as the old song says, you'd give eyesight to the blind. Beautiful.

Sailor, your comment makes me feel sad for those who dont get the chance to feast their eyes upon this natural beauty. She really is a stunningly beautiful brunette. That smile just lights up my room and makes me smile. Her body is literally to die for. A perfect work of art. and oh that pussy, my god girl, that pussy is a real treasure to behold. Women as stunning as Zelda should not be taken for granted. We are all truly blessed to be able to look at her and enjoy her beauty. Thank you Zelda for sharing yourself with us all. You are an angel.

We are indeed blessed that pretty young girls of this level allow us the pleasure of seeing them nude. And to do so with such a light and cheerful touch as if she is truly enjoying it as much as we are? That is what makes her everyone's favorite.

Bless you Zelda for bringing the sunshine with you and making us old guys feel desire that has pretty much gone from our lives. :))))

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