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She's gorgeous in that skirt without any panties. End of argument.

OMG!! That shot of her holding her leg up just made me chuck up my dentures!! Another fantastic set of a spectacularly gorgeous creature!! Zelda constantly drifts in and out of my very favorite number one model spot...or I guess that would be number two, since Gabriel will always be the number one...*sighhhh*

No.33 also made me forget what all I wanted to say!! lol Along with the fact that she kept the shoes on well into the set, I think I see a look in her eyes that tells me that she's reading the comments...

Dear Mr. Rylsky!
The setting of proper photography lighting IS much more difficult then after-shooting editing. But real professionals prefer to set the lighting instead of editing. That's why the models on the professional photos look natural and alive.
The editing produces nothing but "wax dolls".


Your eyes are stars
Your face is a flower
Your body is heaven
I can't help but dream about you 24/7

Beautiful eyes, beautiful smiles :-)
Bravo Rylsky - Brava Brava Zelda.

I think this model would look good with fuzzy armpits.
She has nice dark brown eyes, black hair and good skin.

By the way, Zelda --

Please let me thank you for wearing the high heels. It gave me great pleasure to see a lovely lady well-dressed to begin her set.

i spent 1 minute and find who loved this to do:
- Tim Fox
- Lica Helios
- Leonardo
- Voronin


Total agreement, Dreadnought. I am a big fan of the high heel sets too. I guess we gotta take what we get. But I also would like to see more such.

Glad to see Zelda owns two things -- a shaving kit -- AND A PAIR OF HIGH HEELS !!!

Rylsky -- you're always out-spoken. Why are all the women on this site barefoot ???

"Why are all the women on this site barefoot ???"

It is the same as you asked Why are all the women on this site blondes or shaven - they are NOT. You only said it if you joined MetArt for 1 day and watched with barefoot randomly.

Rylsky --

First: let's not get into that old discussion about how many sets I look at. The last time you pulled that one, I patiently explained that I have downloaded well over 5,000 from this site, alone. My daily average is about 22gb per day from many sites. I don't make reckless statements -- I verify the facts.

Now, let me re-phrase the question.

Why do photographers dislike shooting women with shoes on? And that is a serious question that deserves a serious answer. There has to be a reason as to why shoes are so rare on this site.

A quick assesment of the last 100 sets published will tell you that 95.7% of the sets are barefoot ( I did the math -- just for you).

I can tell you with all certainty that 95.7% of the subscribers don't have a toe-sucking fetish.

So tell me -- what's wrong with putting a pair of shoes on the babe for a portion of the set???

ok, i will get you more info and it is 100,1% serious.

Rylsky is 1 photographer, he is less than 1% of MetArt's photographers.
Your question is general, so it must be sent to MetArt editors, not to Rylsky.

For me personally PLAYBOY's style is boring and it surely contains shoes (dunno %s, but I am sure 80%+). That's why sex and escort agencies use this style as well, NOT metart style, because they need sale girls, not show real senses

Rylsky --

First -- I am NOT trying to pick a fight with you. I admire 99% of your work and would place you in the top three photographers on MET. I rank you NUMBER ONE in finding new and beautiful talent. I look forward to your new sets.

Second -- I do not consider PLAYBOY photographers "second rate". Pompeo Posar (to name but one) produced some of the finest quality shots of positively legendary beauties. His work will be admired for generations to come. He was world famous at a time when the internet was still a technological dream.

Third -- I addressed the question to you because I knew you would be honest enough to answer. The Editors at MET would have ignored the question or brushed me off with some platitude. Your personal attitude on the subject is somewhat enlightening and I THANK YOU for your honesty.

Fourth -- High heels should be no more "taboo" on this site than bras and panties. High heels are nothing more than a fashion accessory and are no less sexy than a well-chosen lingerie set.

Fifth -- Heels for a portion of the set would be no different than wearing the lingerie for a portion of the set. It is accepted practice. Fully clothed women can be even more appealing than naked ones -- but I understand that, ultimately, we are here to see the fully naked women. High heels are much like Peacock plummage -- they are both used to "attract" the opposite sex. Once they are "behind closed doors" -- what the man does with a foot, and what the peacocks do with their feathers -- is their business.

Sixth -- Please give some consideration to your opinion about high heels being a tool of the "sex industry". I'm sure that thought never occured to Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Kennedy, or HRH The Duchess of Cambridge.

Thank you, Rylsky, for your time and patience.

1. f*** the ratings and f*** the percents
2. don't mix names of photographers with the style and POLICY. you know that if genius working in a place where standards are boring - you have nothing to do with yourself. he is genius but standard is boring. easy as 1+1=2
4- it is not for me
5- agreed, i like clothes
6- everything is good as a part, but it doesn't make this working over and over again. and read #2

remember tattoos and how members hate it? first it was culture of warriors, cult of shamans, etc. now members hate it because prostitutes used it. nobody remember about warriors or cults.
some like it hot, some - NOT.

i don't want anymore talk about tastes,
thanks for clarifying.

I agree -- not much else to say.

Zelda is a star and Rylsky makes her shine !

This set is lovely:-) The Cutie brunette Zelda is like a big Rose, but without thorns... Kisses all over Zelda:-)

Zelda don't toy with me anymore, please show that beautiful vagina of yours.


Don't toy with us, Dutchman... tell us what you're really thinking... ( ;

"thinking" = smoking?

I think the dutchman's humor tends to the ironic, Rylsky... ( ;

Irony and sarcasm are lost on most eastern European and Russian people... This is my experience.

my experience is that they just learned another English, sir.
Or please try to watch Russian comedy club or movie. All the russians will say that you are out of sense of humour. because of humour is about living language, not "classic book" language.

The set that saved this day on Met-Art

As always, Zelda bubbles over with youthful energy, just about the cutest young lady here and certainly one of my favorites. I have kept everything that she ever made here. An excellent set, worthy of the Rylsky tradition with this lovely.

Rylsky, tell me she is with you on RylskyArt as well, and that might be the persuading factor to join.

Zelda with us on RylskyArt monthly, see updates page, it's free and you can check by yourself easily. BTW, on RylskyArt you can see video of her, it is exclusively and only on RylskyArt.

+1 exclusive thing of Zelda on rylskyart.com is her outdoor sets.

There is got to be more to this beautiful woman than pussy and ass! I would like to see more poses, more full body elegant poses. Rylski - you can do better!

You can focus on her emotions and face easily. 100+ photos to choose from... and 10+ sets as well

I agree, Rylsky, this was a well balanced set. And her expressions were clearly on display, it was hardly a close-up fest.

Absolutely incredible set! They will be raving about this one for a long time. Pics# 25 through 34, - incomparable. From there on out, - masterpiece. 'This is how it should be done, - this style is identical to none...' quoted from a hip hop song of old, - bet you can't find it! But the Maestro has done it again, - Zelda is 'drop dead gorgeous', breathless. To rate this gallery anything less than 10 is CRIMINAL!

Smiling, pretty, fresh face with plenty of pussy. What else can we ask for?

This girl takes my breath away, she is my favorite FJ model, the face of an angel, provocative inviting poses, and a mouthwatering undercarriage, absolutely gorgeous

"FJ" ?

In a word WOW.

Damn, you stole my post. ( ;

A lovely set of photos. Thanks to Zelda and Rylsky.

I enjoy the fact that Zelda is smiling, and almost seems to be on the verge of laughing. It adds an playful element, and really enhances the mood of the set.

So many varied and luxurious fabrics and colors on display here. Whoever the interior designer is did a great job on the location where ever it is. Kudos to Rylsky's support team for finding or creating the location. The fabrics that lovely Zelda wears fit right in.

Zelda and Rylsky continue to work well together and turn out quality sets. Kudos to all involved for a very nice set.

Oh, to have been a table top, the day this was shot.
Ry, the first set you posted of her you have her in a big overstuffed wing back chair. After Ariski has her you get her back and give her a bare bench and an antique style lamp to play on. I was afraid she was going to get intimate with the lamp until I remembered we were on Met and your "no toy" rule. Now today you have her balancing precariously on a single pedestal table. I know in the past you said she was young and playful, but that table could not have been comfortable. But she kept smiling. All BS aside I thought it was a VERY good use of the props and she handled them well and delivered. And in the one shot her butterfly came out of it's cocoon. Nice job.

The amazingly beautiful and incredibly cute Zelda is back to visit again. So darling. So very sweet. What a doll. What a sweetheart. Zelda, it is always a wonderful pleasure to see you. You are remarkable.

Another sunny, adorable set from the niftiest Zelda since F. Scott's wife—and our Zelda is much more beautiful. Keep it up, sweetheart, and many happy returns. xoxo

Must be a rough day for you Three Russians and only one Ukrainian. Again if you had sexual fantasies about F, Scott's Zelda, I would have to wonder about you. Once again your post may be too revealing about your age. I doubt younger members even got the reference. They may know about Daisy because of the movie, but his "real" wife, probably not with today's level of education in our land. Oop's, probably to close to a political opinion, sorry.

By the way a couple of the other sets today are causing me some problems which I will post about on each later today. Check back I want your imput on what I post, later.

You may not believe it, buyI wasn't around when Scott and Zelda tore up the Jazz Age. I read him and about her in college. It's been weeks, but as I remember, she was quite pretty and his intellectual equal. I agree about what passes for education in our country these days. As for the sole Ukrainian today, you were right. I could feel an anxiety attack coming on until I reached the movie.

You tease about your age, I admit I am an old fart. If references to F.Scott are lost on some here, I have to wonder if anyone other than you would "get" it if I suggested the "Top Movie of the Year" be Given the Anaïs Nin Memorial Award. Actually to be appropriate IF thy would give such an award, It would have to be, The "Zalman" the "trophy" would, of course, be a RED SHOE. Stay away from the AVN type BS and only give out about five. Best Story, Best Director, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor, Best Movie. (Please note my PC in calling both genders Actors) Hell I might have a better chance of making this a reality than the HOF on Met. If I keep bring up these quests maybe I should change my screen name to El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha. (Wait a minute, were those my regular pills my wife gave me today. or some Mellow Yellow to add another age appropriate reference.)

Caramba. Don Quixote! Como no? I get the Anaïs Nin reference. I went through my Henry Miller/Anaïs Nin period back in the 1960s. (Ok, I admit it: I was in college many, many weeks ago.) He bubbled with life; reading her was a bore, like trying to breathe in a hothouse. As for my age, I would never tease. I'm proud of it (except for my role in the Permian Mass Extinction; that was shameful). Finally, fuck PC. Female actors are ACTRESSES. Vive la différence!

Sailor, swplf2, you guys are cracking me up today.
BTW, I'm another old fart. OK, a middle aged fart. These names are familiar to me but their relevance not so much... ( ;
But I'm hardly the 18-34 prize demographic. LOL

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