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Wonderful !!

Very nice posing. Not perfect, but very good. Unfortunately the color and light are unnatural. That makes the photos looking "electronic". The model's beauty is 50% percent lost. Sorry.

The model is VERY good though. Thank you for posing, Zelda. Thank you for sharing your beauty with the mere mortals :)

I LOVE ZELDA ... she's incredible. Irresistible. Amazing!

I do not love this set, at all. I see now what others are looking for in a set, and it's not at all what I'm looking for. Good to know.

started off good but got sorry fast

I have to say that Zelda in that pretty little gown is a total butt-kicker.In fact, I can't think of anything else to say,she is a stunner.

Love her dress

What a great day! Zelda and Sofi. Only problem is I can't decide which I prefer.

Ordinarily I am not a big fan of bathtub galleries. Rylsky and lovely Zelda pull this one off with so many individual pictures and series of pictures that I must re-assess / change my opinion. I really like #67 to #74, #82 to #84, #85 to #89, last but not least #89 and #90. Thanks to both Zelda and Rylsky for this treasure!

Zelda is up there with all my all-time greats. Two Zelda updates for me today. There is another site that published a Zelda set with her wearing white thong panties. Zelda+thong panties=bliss

As far as I'm concerned, this could have ended at pic 45. The sets here are unnecessarily long. RA does it right.

Oh, and btw, Rylsky does Zelda right. Such an adorable girl!

Thank You Rylsky to show us the Beatuy of this Sweet Pearl. Zelda has a very Dream Smile:-) She loves to show us, how beautiful is our Planet Earth... A Girl like Zelda deserves a lot of Multisoft Kisses all over...

I would like to know how set titles are chosen. (See Neil).

Einige Bilder (some pics)
Einige dich! (ordering someone to come to an agreement)

I am curious about the title of this set. In German "einige" would mean "some"or "a few" I think. Does it mean something different in a different language? Am I missing a hidden meaning?

In German "einige" means "a few":-)

Yes, I know, but I wonder what that has to do with Zelda. I must be missing something.

Just guessing here, but maybe as simple as,
"a few shots of Zelda" ?

I have to agree that this is an extraordinarily good set of Zelda.
That babydoll is adorable until she opens it, and then the "bottomless" look in heels is incendiarily sexy.
I'm not so much about the wet look, I can take it or leave it... but Zelda's cute personality totally overwhelms all objections.
This set is definitely "it."

I guess the "wet hair" thing is the closest "thing" I have to a fetish.

It's a long story, but it boils down to a beautiful girl that I met a few days earlier asked me to come over to her apartment the weekend before I was to leave the country. She just got home from work when I met her there and she decided to take a shower. When she stepped out of the shower she came into her kitchen and sat in my lap, wearing nothing but a bathrobe, she sat there and ran a brush through her long dripping wet hair. It's a night I will never forget.

OMG, what a beautiful story... I think I totally understand your "fixation" (a fellow commenter properly pointed out the other day that, technically, "fetishes" are fixations on inanimate objects).
Remind me to tell you my story sometime... ( ;

I'd love to hear your story fer_realz.
I'm sure each of us has a reason why we gravitate towards a particular "type", have certain fixations, and/or have fetishes that others find odd.

Whoops, the double post gremlins got me tonight! Sorry, guys!

I have to agree that this is an extraordinarily good set of Zelda.
That babydoll is adorable until she opens it, and then the "bottomless" look in heels is incendiarily sexy.
I'm not so much about the wet look, I can take it or leave it... but Zelda's cute personality totally overwhelms all objections.
This set is definitely "it."

Absolutely incredible! Fantastic! Fabulous! Perfection!....IMO not only Zelda's best set, but my favorite set from Rylsky period!

Zelda is always beautiful, but in this set she's just flat out amazing.
I like every photo from beginning to end with images #112 - #119 bringing this set to a superb finish (image #118 is my favorite Rylsky photo of all time).

A drop-dead gorgeous woman with wet hair....it doesn't get any better than that. Life is good.

Thank you Rylsky

Zelda is a living doll. She's definitely in my top 10. I can not find the right word to describe #113, I think "taboo". Something about that photo... The rest of the set is also breathtaking. Thanks Zelda, always love seeing you. Nice job Rylsky, you lucky guy.

I agree #113 is out of this world. That photo of Zelda is so reminiscent of one of the most memorable nights of my life....she had just turned 20, and I not quite 19. God she was gorgeous.

The sacrifices Rylsky makes just to bring us these beautiful women is quite noble.

I wonder if any of us would be willing to change places with him....it is such hard and arduous work, with no reward:)

There are so many photos in this set that are magnificent....simply spectacular. This set is off the charts, definitely one of the best ever...by anybody.

Great job Rylsky.....a perfect 10 from me, and added to my list of favorites.

Well said Browning. I love this girl. Such a pretty face and Her body is absolutely mouthwatering. Zelda has the cutest little round butt, lovely perky tits, and her wonderfully shaped pussy are all to die for, but her beautiful brown eyes just melt me...

Utterly nice photoset of a lovely girl.
Portrait format & landscape format well-balanced this time. Nothing to criticize.

I too prefer a more balanced portrait/landscape ratio. The landscape makes for nice wallpaper photos without too much chopping/editing and many portrait photos can be chopped/edited for nice facial portrait wallpaper.

Four spectacular women today; four different ways to elicit the same reaction: Wow! Zelda, you are forever a delight, forever a 10+.

Ah Zelda! What a a perfectly beautiful young woman. She is magnificent. What a wonderful doll. And it seems she gets better and better with each new set. I absolutely love her all slippery wet. I think this might be her first set with soaking wet hair. Excellent!

I know what you mean about the wet hair - pictures 112 through 119 are especially spectacular.

I think I am going to have to get myself a subscription to Rylsky Art for Christmas...

...and then you'll see Christmas update with Chloe D


You won't regret it. ( :
Zelda has many sets over there....

Wise choice.

If seeing Zelda doesn't send shivers down your spine, I suggest that you get yourself to a doctor because you probably have something seriously wrong with you!

In all seriousness though, isn't she just the most achingly adorable, sweet, sexy, playful and kittenish model you have ever seen?

It fills me with happiness to see her, but at the same time my heart breaks a little bit because I will never know how wonderful she is in real life, and I know she will never smile at me.

Rylsky, you are a lucky man. Oh, and a great photographer too.


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