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No room for Rylsky to comment. 65 comments? Wow! When do you guys have time to look at the photos?

Another Met model headed to a no pants party.And like all Met models,she is perfectly groomed.No pants parties must really be popular among Met-Art models.Rylsky has photographed Zelda against a berfect background. The dark, very rich royal blue with white accents brings Zelda's coloring out perfectly. I may point out that in eastern Europe upolstering the outer walls next to the bed in a bedroom is derived, like the sauna from the Swedish Vikings who used the cupboard bed and the sauna to protect from the winter cold. It is also why Russian bedrooms tend to be small, and have curtains on the outside wall. I am quoting a Russian model from the old time met-cams who did NOT permit photos of herself on Met.If you were Met Members from back when Met cams was founded by Fabio you remember Ksenia(She used her baptismal name)

She would be even more incredible with a nice thick bush.

Why not !! ??

Hell -- we could even ask her to grow a moustache !!

Whichever one she grows -- the end result will be the same!

She would be more incredible if we couldn't see her beautiful pussy!?
More crazy talk...lol

another new favorite... this just keeps getting better... I love #117.. and some others :-)


I love this girl. She has the cutest face and one of the hottest most perfect bodies on Met. Zelda is also proof that not all vaginas are created equal. There is something extra special about hers. I'm not sure if it's the wonderful shape of her clitoral hood or the perfect size and thickness of her labia minora or the combination of both, but her vagina looks like it would feel extra good... A great job by Rylsky of capturing and sharing her treasures so beautifully with us.

Probably taste extra good, too. Like you, I'm not sure what it is, but there is something very appealing there that just goes along with everything else that makes Zelda so unique and the total package.

BTW, don't take this wrong, only trying to be informative, but it is the vulva that we see. The vagina is the insides, you'll have to go to ALScan to see that.

Anatomically you are correct. I'm referring to it as a whole in slang terms ... I think you know what i mean though...

What else can I say about Zelda that has not been said already. Nothing. I can only thank Zelda and Rylsky.

I hope there is more Zelda to come.

That's a pretty safe bet, Tony! Zelda's pretty popular around here!


Neg bang all caps...LOL

A nice try to get his attention.

Kilroy it was a joke! I was acting like a2m2...

Ha ha ha! You got me too, swplf!!!
Hey, just curious... who's phi? Philogeny?

Adorable beyond description.

One of the most beautiful women on the planet Earth.

Nice work Rylsky, you are a very lucky man. Zelda looks fantastic.
Merry Christmas Rylsky (Russian Orthodox January 7th, 2014).

Browning! Where ya been, brother? I been worried about you...

Thanks for asking fer_realz, I've been around, just haven't had much time to check in regularly on Met Art (health issues with both parents, but all is well).

Zelda, you not only leave me breathless, but speechless as well...
(and i'm sure many members thank you for that ;o)

Zelda is just so damn cute! In the MA dictionary, if you go to cute, Zelda would be on the first page. I love everything about her, it is near impossible to say what I like most, but the brown eyes and delicious cookie are right up there.

I have anticipated this set since I saw the preview yesterday, and it was worth the wait. Her and Rylsky have a good working relationship, so her youthful enthusiasm pours out in every set. This is a nice addition to the Zelda collection. I hope there are many more sets of her yet to see, in addition to those on RA that I have yet to see.

Rylsky, I miss your comments here. I hope you wont stay away for long.

Yeah, Rylsky, we all know about being 'fashionably late' to a party, but this has gone on for too long! :-P

Sometimes Rylsky got a little spiky, and that was never fun to be on the receiving end of, but he always kept things interesting and lively. I hope he'll start poking his nose in on his fans again soon.

I love her face, hair, smile, expressions and that incredible body, possibly my favorite FJ model.

Doll as always, Zelda show us Her Beauties:-) And we enjoy them... Happy new Year to Zelda and Rylsky... Nice colors for this Set Rylsky. Kisses Zelda:-):-):-)

Wow some night! 3 cuties and one fem fatal! Can't complain about that. Zelda has cute perfected. One can't help but smile looking at her sets. Cute as a button and sexy as hell, what a combo! She never fails to present a fun bubbly persona and she can't help being sexy. It's no wonder she always ranks in the upper levels of Met and Rylsky Art. I don't have any of the other sites but I'm sure that wherever she appears she is a very welcome addition.

Zelda is just plain perfect. So perfectly beautiful. So perfectly cute. So perfectly sexy.

Neil, Your almost speechless. She can have that effect.

I have written so much about Zelda recently. I need a new thesaurus.

^Nice ;-)

Zelda and Rylsky - what a treat to return to after my brief hiatus from Met! Love the setting, love the colors, love the poses, love the camera angles, hell I even love the clock. Oh and Zelda? Well, she ain't so bad either ;-D

Welcome home, Alyssa! ( :

Cheers, buddy! I really missed my little fix of Metart banter each day and the way you have all made me feel such at home. I have actually been hanging around Met longer than most people might think, but I was too intimidated to comment, because I thought I was the only woman. I then saw the comments from Rags and it was really cool seeing another woman on here and how well you guys treat us. Thanks for that and I'm very happy to be back on Met! Love you guys! :-)

What you think we don't like girls or somethin?? ;)

It's nice to get the female perspective and hear what are your likes and dislikes as well. FYI K the person that pics what gets published and when is also a girl.

K rules. ( :
I think she deserves 3 cheers for what she does! ( :

And I missed seeing you around, Alyssa, as I'm sure a lot of other people did. It wasn't the same place without you.

Have you been over to RylskyArt?

I have, but ironically, I find his Met shoots to be better than the ones on his own website. What do I mean by that? The pics on RA are very "flat" compared to the ones he shoots for Met. I hope that makes sense.

It makes sense to me that Rylsky's best work is on MetArt. MetArt pays Rylsky for his content. That is how he makes his living. MetArt gets "the pick of the litter."

Welcome back from me too, Alyssa. You class up the joint with your IQ and your writing style. I can't agree with you about Rylsky's site, though. I find his work more personal over there. Chacun à son goût.

Class up the joint, eh? LOL! And that coming from someone whom ends his comment with something to the effect of "well, I would've written that in english, but, y'know..." ;-P

Oh and by "flat" I mean "depth of field". Maybe I need to check in more often on RA, because from what I have seen, there is that element which is somewhat lacking in substance from his Met shoots.

The point is that I knew you would know. Y'know? Speaking of DOF: Check out the last set of Virginia Sun on Rylsky's site. It's shot in an enclosed space, and I'll swear the DOF extends from somewhere behind the camera to beyond the back wall. Everything is in the sharpest possible focus. Lenses must have improved enormously since my old SLR days. (Now I'm confined to an iPhone.) : )

Alyssa, I certainly appreciate your comments, as I do rags's. The female perspective is often enlightening. Glad to see you back.

Cheers, Kilroy! You seem to be very umm... discerned... in your tastes, just like Sailor, so I like that and hope to enjoy many more adventures together! ;-)

  • 2 years ago:

I can only hope that our other female members will follow your example and join in on the discussions. Having you and Rags participate has only increased the level of discourse. Diversity is a wonderful thing. :)

Hear hear, Philo! I am always interested in hearing the female side of sexuality. In fact, nothing fascinates me more. ( :
Hopefully our other female members will follow rags and Alyssa and speak up too!

Alyssa, From me an I am sure the rest of my band of old farts, the fact your female is actually immaterial as you have seen Rags, gives as good as she gets, feel free to be as opinionated as any of my crowd is. We don't all agree much except on the beauty of the girls, but we are having FUN. I hope you do, too.

Thanks, swplf2, I most definitely have fun on here and I have no qualms anymore about calling it as I see it. I feel honored to be a part of the Met family and if that sometimes means I have to be an annoying little sister, well then I guess that's just how it goes.

Well, if I were to really speak up, fer_realz, I would say that those legs need a Hall of Fame all of their own! ;-)

Zelda's legs, Alyssa?
You're not going to hear disagreement from me on that! ( : She is definitely a specially beautiful model ~ she embodies what Rylsky does best, evoking the personalities of the women he photographs. But he does a great job of picking 'em... ( :

Watch it Alyssa, you don't want me to get on my soapbox over a Hall of Fame.

Oh, go ahead, swplf! It can't hurt! ( :

It's impossible not to love Zelda. She's beautiful. She's adorable. She's cute as hell. And she's smoking' hot, as the cliché has it. Kisses all over, honey. No one deserves them more.

Adorable is the perfect adjective for her.

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