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Exceptional set of the ever beautiful Zelda - what a body - what a smile!

The extended panty play shots were very sexy - would love to see some more of Zelda's awesome buttocks clad in full panties...


Zelda is such an overwhelming beautiful lady; thank you for sharing, could not get tire of looking at her beautiful face and naked body. Looking for more sets in the future, Thank you again!

Two "10's" in one day -- and, I have been enjoying the snow outside. Wonderful day !

I admire Zelda's beauty so much that I subscribe to all the sites that feature her consistently.

If you don't think Zelda could look any cuter or sexier, you are wrong! haha.

This is just my opinion, but Zelda's cuteness and sexyness is taken to another level by Gabriel Viento.

Again, this is not a knock against any photographers. Everyone has their own style. I am just stating this for any Zelda fans who might not be aware of her work outside of the Met network.

Nice closeup work Leo! I knew you had it in you!

Perfect set of erotic photographs!

Thank you for sharing your femininity, Zelda.

Thanks for the great work, Leonardo.

Zelda makes me CRAZY!!!

This is solid proof that any artist looks good when Zelda is their subject... I'm quite sure that images of her ancestors adorn cave walls somewhere! And that even THEY look great!! ;o) Way to get a ten from me Leo...

so good, so natural ^^

This is a member of the PPC, sweet.....

Not on my PP list. To much labia for me.

Hip, I have to agree with you on this. Don't get me wrong, Zelda's pussy is still amazing.

This is the POSTER GIRL!

Definitely like her sets like this, pre-implants.

Pre-implants? Did I miss something? As far as I know, Zelda is all natural. Can you point out the set that has implants?

100% agree. Much cuter Au Natural. Implants suck!

Too many pussy close ups!

No such thing in a Zelda set.

how is that even possible?? too much of a great thing is never enough....

Please don't complain. This is highly unusual for Leonardo. He usually doesn't have any.


Just love the 'pussy peeking' shots. If only there was some girl cum on the panty gusset they would be the best ever!

Zelda is thevrmost radiant model on MetArt. There is a special light which she seems to generate.

Zelda is beautiful!

Leonardo is the 4th photographer to have one or more galleries of Zelda published on met-art. I wonder if this is a gallery from before Leonardo's 39 megapixel infatuation or. . .? At least one of the other three photographers work with Zelda is more pleasing to me.

The Amazing Smile of dream Zelda makes us happy... The perfect system to start this day. Thank You Leonardo for this set. Kiss Kiss Zelda all over:-)

Zelda is a real cutie.

Zelda, darlin', you will never be less than exquisite, and this is an excellent set. But you do your best work with Rylsky.

Dear Sailor, I must write it here: please NEVER do comments like this one this way, especially when you "talk" it to the model and in public area.

And thank you in advance for understanding.

Sorry (to Zelda and Leonardo) for this comment under your gallery.

What an amazingly beautiful brunette! Her wonderfully pampered pussy definitely stands out as being quite a rare and exquisite treasure.

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