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This woman is all legs wow

sexy babe can take my virginity how time she likes

sexy babe can take my virginity how time she likes

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous, totally hot girl!!! Please, more, more, more!!!

THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Adorable, hot model; very sensuous lighting with tons of skin tonality; delightful assortment of very favorable poses; inviting setting.


Very pretty.

Very pretty.

I totally adore Zelda but please, please make sure she cleans hher feet before the photoshoot. She is perfect and I know not all of us are feet lovers but amongst everything else her feet are soooo cute to be photographed dirty

I don't know why but Zelda looks more radiant here then ever before. Her eyes have a sparkle and she actually looks different for some reason. A very good different for sure. Not sure what set the mood for this set but I really like it. I have always liked her but I couldn't quite put her in the spectacular class but this set she hittin on all 8 and purring like a kitten! Almost a whole new Zelda. 8-))))))

Zelda, you are perfect!

Well, almost perfect ... if you were carrying a plate of fresh sandwiches and a couple of ice cold beers, then you'd be perfect.

There's a man with a vision!!! ;o)

Take me to your bed Zelda!!!!

Great way to start this set in bra and panties. Zelda such a sweetie.
She's looks absolutely fabulous, as usual. But in the set, in some of the photos she looks even better than ever, if that's possible. Photo #18 really caught my eye, not just her sweet ass, but how Arkisi captured her face in this one. The way her hair falls across the side of her face, her open lips, eyes looking down...took my breath away. Then I spent the rest of the photo set trying to get it back...

The only shot Arkisi missed (and I am REALLY ticked off about it) is the "panties around the ankle as the model steps out of them shot! ;-)

Maybe Arkisi DID shoot such a frame and just left it out of set??? If you did, maybe you could pretty please re-upload the set with it added back in Mr. Arkisi??? PLEASE ???

Amen to 18 for the reasons stated!

OK, saved the highest rated one for last, she saved Saturday!!

It's Zelda... That's all I need to know. There's no better way to start the weekend!

I have enjoyed every set of Zelda, no matter who the photog is. Arkisi always does great behind the lens and together with out lovely Zelda it makes an excellent set. The constant, besides her beautiful self, is her fun-loving happy attitude. This is why it is impossible to take a bad photograph of Zelda, as Neil points out.

correction: together with our lovely Zelda.

Pretty funny typo kilroy...;o)

I would've let it go but it profoundly changes the message! I'm human after all ;-)

Yes it does....and yes you are...I guess...lol if you say so...
Myself...I'm "almost human"...;o)

And doug....I'm not sure about him either...;o)

She's just delightful in every way possible. A lovely smile to greet the day.

Zelda is a great model. she has gorgeous boobs, great ass, perfect nipples and long legs and sexy ass.

Very good colors and job by Arkisi. Smiling Zelda is a Dream Pearl and we enjoy Her prettiness a lot:-) Kiss kiss Zelda...

i wish i could remove the graininess from this guys camera...i'm an amature photographer and i despise this type of graininess in my own pictures...i dont understand why a "professional" photographer would allow this type of poor photography to be seen or sold...ahh well...i guess i simply hold myself to a higher standard

It's called digital guy! if you blow it up to high its going to get grainy. Especially after it is optimized and then zipped and unzipped. The problem with Jpg format is every time you save a file it gets reprocessed and re-optimized. Sadly that is the trade off for smaller file sizes.

That's tellin' him!

then take a roll of ilford, don't waste your time :/

Or K-12 or even K-8 - but then where would you send it for processing?

Maybe you'll bless us with the location of your "higher standard" photography...??? I'm interested in seeing the difference...seriously.

I do not think is could be possible to take a bad photograph of Zelda. No matter who the photographer is, Zelda always delivers a great set. Zelda poses with such confident ease and grace. I suspect her photo sessions are fun for both the photographer and for her. She does not have a biography here on MetArt, but her bio on RylskyArt simply saids, "I just want to be number one at all." Excellent!

The setting for the set is rich and elegant. And Zelda's white bra and panties are delightful. Wonderful photo set Mr Arkisi.

Wow, Another night saver from Zelda! This little imp is a constant joy too see. Her radiant smile is contagious. It would be very hard to not like a Zelda shoot. Fantastic body, I think she has lost some weight and it looks great on her. Made her breasts smaller which is a big bonus for me. Zelda darling this is the prefect weight for you! Love the fun and casual poses. Love your whole style. Your happy relaxed personality is tops in my book. 100% joyous and as cute as a bunny.

Nice work Arkisi, You did a great job of capturing her radiance and fun bubbly personality. It must be a joy to work with her!

Zelda is as cute as a bunny!

Oh please!!! I just went past bunny after bunny..."road pizza bunnies"!!! Poor things really took a beating last night!!

With Easter being tomorrow, I thought bunnies were appropriate ;-)

They are... It just reminded me of my ride this morning...sorry lol

I have to complement Arkisi on the lighting, color balance and contrast in this stark white set. These all white sets really show a photographers abilities. So many of them end up washed out over lit and colorless. This one works perfectly!

Thank you!

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