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  • JANN
  • 11 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses:PERFECT !!!! LIFELONG METART MEMBERSHIP WORTH

amateur-CATHERINE/KOENART---has to learn from: ARKISI/RYLSKY because to do

  • JANN
  • 12 months ago:

I wish every set had these poses:EYE CONTACT/ PUSSY/ASS SPREAD FROM THE BACK, MORE PLEASE !!!

Zelda looks absolutely sensational in the black dress and heels. I would love to have seen that dress ride up to reveal her bare bottom and beautiful pussy. An idea for another set? Would be great if Met-art could oblige.

She is sweet pussy heaven! Came twice before could get thru the set!

Zelda 10, nasty black wall 0

Oh my God, what a great set!
64: You don't see Zelda taking the blue top off. Suddenly she's completely naked and looks at you like: "You didn't expect that huh?"
74: How she plays with you. Both in position as in that ironic and yet seducing smile.
77: The smile get's bigger in a very arousing position.
105: Looking great without clothes is one thing. Posing naked and looking this confident and amused another. Looking at a totally exposed vagina / anus combination is worth so much more if they are presented with so much style.
113: I like how her toes meet. And it's also nice to see a different expression on her face. "Is this position ok?" she seems to ask.

I love it when girls go naked for the 74th time (count based on indexxx.com) and still show great enthusiasm in their posing, teasing and playing.

best set in a long time

In my opinion, simply have a perfect, model and photos.
A set of 'great' Rylsky.

Forgive Rylsky, those shoes zany should be prohibited by law in order to protect the safety of the model.

Zelda continues to amaze and gets even better. So sexy in that blue singlet top, and how she shows us those fabulous breasts. Same outfit she wore in vid at RA - gorgeous.
She is an absolute 10++ and to echo Dreadnought, no need to grow anything - you are perfect!

No doubt by your name that you are a Zelda fan! One of my faves, too.

yes as my name implies, a Zelda fan (and in my top 3) though would not want to detract from the many gorgeous girls on this site.

Since Zelda seems to enjoy slaughtering old guys,(I'll bet the old guy slumped by the r.r. platform in the last shot ,as Zelda wends her way home from a refreshing shower in Rylsky's basement, had a massive stroke)I use a walker myself, but I know the feeling, I did it in 2010 and didn't even have a good look at Zelda to make it worth while. I had to give her a 10+infinity and the same to Rylsky

Absolutely gorgeous !!!

Loved the opening sequence, Rylsky -- very elegant. Could have been a few pictures longer.

Zelda -- you don't need to grow anything. You're a "10 plus" just the way you are.

How do you make one hundred and fifty busy people stop their meals and their conversations and just . . . stare?

Zelda in that dress and those pumps coming down the stairway entrance to dining room at Postrio restaurant in San Francisco.

Makes me smile just thinking about it.

"Zelda The Magnificent"!!

(has a nice ring to it....)

Wasn't there a video game "The Legend of Zelda"? Even if not, I think her cuteness and wholesome beauty is legendary. Zelda and Cathleen in one day is almost too much!

Indeed there was back in the early days of desktops (read Apple ][+) along with other text-based adventure classics like Zork.

Only problem I have with the set is her shoes. The big, clunky thick-soled shoes affectionately known as "stripper heels" don't really look good on a lot of women (IHO). I'd rather see spiked-heels with flat-bottomed soles. But that's a picayune problem.

The sweetheart of the Internet.

Zelda is as cute as my silver chinchilla kitten!

Zelda is a personal favorite of mine on so many levels and looks so utterly irresistible here. Thank you Zelda, July is off to a wonderful, wonderful start!

Zelda looks absolutely stunning

Rylsky Art:-) Sweeeeet Zelda♥ I think every man will have a cardiac arrest with this totally Stunning Angel, Miau!!! Thank You Z&R. Risata in italian means laugh... Kiss kiss ♥Zelda♥ and come back soon, please...

Zelda, top with no bottoms, and Rylsky's famous wet wall set. Why can't I rate this 100?

P.S. to last comment . Was she wearing panties under her little black dress ?
Only the Rylsky and the Zelda know for sure. The mystery remains.

I like Zelda very much . Studio shots in LBD ( I've never seen that abbriv. before ) would have been very nice . I hate wet scenes.
Poor old Guy on the opposite platform probably went into cardiac arrest.

Oh my does our precious Zelda look nice in that LBD + heels... some more risque shots with that dress would have been appreciated, but that quibble aside, this is a very nice set of an exquisitely shaped, darling woman.

She certainly rocks that LBD, especially #2.

O.k. first, I adore Zelda. She is so very beautiful and oh so very cute, among the very best of Rylsky's models. Second, I like photos of the models dressed and posing in public places. So the photos of Zelda on the train platform are great. I am surprised that the old men sitting on the benches did not seem to notice Zelda. Or maybe they saw Zelda and fainted. And third, I love the wet studio shoots, the wetter the better. I would have preferred much more water in this set, but this was very nice indeed.

Agree with you wholeheartedly, Neil - especially with the wet studio shots. I really like the sets Rylsky posted a while back with a completely blacked-out studio, what looked like about a 3" deep tank of water on the floor and shower heads and water sprays, lit by strong white & colored lights. Lots of electronic flash to stop the water droplets. Would love to see Zelda drenched like that - maybe a sheer black or white slip soaked to the skin.

But hey ...ANY sets of Zelda posted are a welcome sight!

Zelda at her radiant and luminous best. This Russian goddess never fails to deliver a stunning set of photographs and I love the shots at the beginning and the end in that elegant black dress. Thank you Zelda.

Zelda's beautiful body excels in such a simple dark background.

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