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Lovely model with great hair, which I think is an important element for models. This photographer however is far from one of my favoirites as there are never any closeups and when the model is in the correct pose he dose not make the most of it. Moreover all the shoots of the models are in the same style thus his work can be clearly identified without ever having to check the photographers name.

Beautiful set,beautiful model but so monotonous.

I could chew on her all day!

For lack of any other identifier, observe shot 4087 (the file size). She is lying on her tummy. Her bottom is in PERFECT form. Why the photographer did not shoot her from above and at different angles during this pose is beyond me. How could the photographer miss this incredible view on such a model? He's stuck on cookie cutter poses that's why. The model is stellar....the shots are "same-o same-o" poses during the whole series in my opinion. Also...fyi...leg spread views are so overdone everywhere these days they have turned boring...I'll appreciate far more a well composed and respectable photograph.

You do realize that the file size varies between high,medium and low res right? If you look at a set under medium resolution hover over the photo and in the link address at the bottom of your browser the number will appear.You don't have to only use medium but if you want to easily find out a photo number it is the best option.

You are referring to photo number 66.

Looking through this set I new before I even looked at the header that this was Leonardo. This is his signature work. Lovely backgrounds, nice lighting and colors, nice sharp clear focus but not a single closeup either facial or intimate!

Nice settings and traditional soft focus lens effect...!

Oh yes stubble!

Beautifil set, beautiful woman.

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