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Zemira is a goddess, plain and simple. What magnificent beauty!

One of my favorite girls here. I'd have liked to see her more clothed at the beginning of the set though (I actually like fill nudity for the middle to end parts of a set). Zemira's so hot you can do anything with her in a set. I am also expecting a movie of her. Thanks for working with her agin MetArt.

Call me 'old-fashioned,' but we've yet to see Zemira in bed. Just a suggestion.....

i too prefer them in bed

How about a MOVIE in BED, PLEASE?

A damned fine suggestion, too!

Outdoor sets simply do not generate the aura of sex appeal you get with a bedroom!

I just love those shoes !

So does the photographer apparently, I've seen the same on Jenya and Elle at least.

It's not uncommon for a photographer to pass around the shoes. It's really apparent when there's an inch of distance between the model's heel and the back of the shoe. Petite girls don't do well in size 7's.

It also explains why you don't see many models wearing shoes. The photographer won't buy them and the poor model can't afford them.

Or maybe the model does not normally wear heels and therefore does not own any.

Or maybe in some sets there was no reason to wear shoes or set does not make use of heels as a prop.

A bit insulting to assume that a woman posing nude must be poor if you ask me.

That was sarcasim -- not an assumption that she is one of the exploited working class.

Creative setting, but overall it just didn't work for me... Might be the 'shocking pink' outfit in an 'earthy' setting...(?)

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