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I love these compositions. I bet the old French painters would have loved having access to Metart. A beautiful nude sunlit young woman in against a lush green background and a blue summer sky. Francois Boucher once said, "nature is too green and badly lit." This photoset is an exception. I wish I could have been walking by while all of this was happening!

Images 91 and 104 show a flawless, perfect, and wonderful view of her ass !
It is her greatest asset and definitely would be nice to spend some time enjoying !

Images 65 and 67 sure wish I was eating her pussy :-)-

For an outdoors set, I am actually impressed. A good variety of posing, many to accentuate Zemira's nice backside. Leonardo even gives us a nice closeup with #26. Beautiful Zemira + great photography = Quality set here!

Oversized breast implants = decreased interest... Otherwise a very sweet and sexy model, and I can't/won't argue about that gorgeous butt!!

Didn't you say the other day that the models had feelings and that members should be more considerate of there comments posted here?

I find Zemira's breast to be quite sexy and would love to snuggle up to and suck on them!

I just don't like old farts with beer bellies telling sexy women that they have some fault that turns off the old fart.

I am not attacking you personally, just defending a lovely model that I am sure gives far more than she receives.

"Old farts with beer bellies"..? Sounds pretty "personal" to me.
As well as being a gross generalization. You're right...I did say we should be more considerate of our comments, and believe me when I say I considered my comment carefully, and put it as gently as I knew how. I hardly think Zamira's feelings could be hurt by "decreased interest" because of her implants. I'm sure she's had many people tell her that it was not necessary to "enhance her beauty", and that it serves only to attract the "typical American male" who thinks "bigger is better", whether they're fake or not.. And if you think Zamira needs "defending", that can be taken the wrong way too... "Personally", I don't think she does, especially if she's not "offended"...which I'm sure she isn't. The models are accustomed to hearing negative as well as positive feedback...or at least they should be because there's plenty of both from time to time...and set to set. And if everyone keeps telling them how great they look, they will only continue to ruin perfectly good tits with "unnecessary enhancement"... And I aim to put a stop to it! ;o) "Natural" is the new "beautiful"! DOWN WITH SILICONE! Peace...

Your weak reply doesn't work. Your comment was wrong and without justification. How could you know if here breast are real or not?

Think hard before making another unfounded comment about something which you don't know anything about.

I am not sure if they are implants. If they are, they are very nicely done. I believe Zemira is just one of those women who are blessed by mother nature with perfection. I think she looks wonderful. According to her data sheet, she is 35-24-36. Her breasts full the size of her chest. In either case, I will never meet her so I am going to enjoy.

If you can't tell they're implants......lol

I'm with Neil ... as far as breasts go Zemira has a sensational set

Pretty blonde! Beautiful blue eyes! Niza tetas! Perfecto Redondo culo! Y un coño bonito rosa, difusión abierta y humeda. Fantástico! Gracias, querida, dulce dama!

Beautiful model, great set of outdoor pictures, and this is an ass lovers smorgasbord, she definitely has one of the most flawless photogenic and arousing bottom I have seen, or should I just say: that's a smoking hot ass

I was swept away by Zemira's beautiful eyes and lovely hair. Her bubble butt is very nice.

Zemira, I love your blonde hair, ocean blue eyes and lovely smile. I love your long slender body, you wonderful boobs and amazing ass. I can't wait until your next set here on Met.

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