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Zemira, you remind me of a woman I once adored and loved! I guess I still do!!

i think those are my favorite tits on Met. not to mention a beautiful face and great ass. i love the country girl theme as well. arousing set. well done!

Strangely I would like to see zemira in those stripy pink panties on the washing line.

Nothing strange about that wish, monkery... I've had a panty fetish as far back as I can remember.
(Real panties, not thongs, mind you)

Me too, panties are exciting! It's funny about thongs, you'd think I'd love them, since they reveal so much more, but I find them annoying. I'd rather see "real" panties or nothing at all. People are funny, go figure...

Total agreement on that, Red. Thongs are just annoying.
I think it has something to do with comparative amount of coverage/concealment.
Panties (french cut, not "granny panties" mind you!) just seem to be in that sweet spot where they reveal just enough and cover just enough to be tantalizing.
The best recent example would be that Mia Sollis set with the white cotton panties. Those are HOT!

Zemira is a 10+ in my book, however it was disappointing to see so many out of focus or marginally in focus pussy shots. If a woman is going to take all her clothes off, can we please see it all?

Unfortunately this is a trade mark for this artist.

From head to toe, she's perfect.

Magnificent mammeries!

Very nice boobs.

Daisy May never looked so good! Take about your proverbial blond bombshell. Those bright blue eyes are mesmerizing. Such confidence and poise is a real turn on. Even Leo was inspired to show us that treasure she holds. #118 and 119, which to choose? A or B, That would be a mindbogglingly choice but I am sure either would be equally delightful! ;-)

Both do look delicious...

Zemira, you are such a doll. So very beautiful. And you took time off from your laundry chore to do a photo shoot for us. How very nice of you. Thank you.

I love Zemira's creamy complexion and beautiful tush—and she looks more than ever like my old girlfriend. Kisses all over, honey.

Where's Bo and Luke, Daisy Duke? )) Looking fine today Zemira, well done on the picture taking Leonardo, great set.

You are giving us clues to your age. The "Dukes" except for the movie were from the early 1980's. Here the hairstyle is even more of a throwback it is very similar to how Donna Douglas had her's done for the Beverly Hillbillies which pre-dates the Dukes by a lot. Your dead right on the shorts they are definitely from the Dukes. In her (Elle May) day they (The shorts) were way to risque.

Dukes of Hazzard was while I was in grade school, swplf, ergo the 70's, albeit the second half thereof. ( ;

Maybe I saw re-runs!

I did think that while I was typing this morning. I will admit to catching the later series in the mid 80's. Although I was quite young at the time I was old enough to remember the those shorts.))

And they were unforgettable for sure...

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