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If she keeps shaving how will we ever know if the carpet matches the drapes?

Doesn't really matter, does it?

In all probability, 40% of blondes and redheads -- aren't!


Gotta admit I agree with you, Dread... BTW, where ya been? Regardless, welcome back!

Yo, "fer realz" --

Nice to hear from you, sir --

I've been taking a little time off -- had a deadline to finish an article for publication. Hundred year anniversary of WW I coming up, you know.

But I've been here -- I check in every few days to enjoy the scenery. I just haven't been involving myself in the constant bickering about certain subjects -- mostly. True enough -- I can't pass up the occasional comment, but by and large, that sort of argumentative behavior has become quite tiresome.

Glad to see you and several other members remain active -- I keep an eye on my friends. And I keep my powder dry for my enemies.

Ta --


Glad to hear you've been getting productive work done, I recently lost my job and have been halfheartedly looking for a new one... time to start getting serious and ratchet up the search. ( :
I hear ya about the bickering... mostly it rolls off my back like water off a duck but occasionally gets tiresome. On the other hand, sometimes in the repetitious minutiae, some new facets are revealed... ( :
Best of luck with the article!

P.S. --

Did something happen to "Rags" -- ?

I've been wondering that myself. She hasn't posted for several weeks now. I hope she is staying safe from flying truck parts.

I agree, I'd noticed her absence as well... I hope she is well!
I think a short time before she dropped off the map she mentioned that she'd finally gotten back to driving... hopefully her absence just means she has gone back to fulltime and is just too busy for us scrubs. LOL

Zemira is so perfectly beautiful. She reminds me of Feeona, particularly because both Zemira and Feeona have done shoots with Rylsky in the same location. Both ladies have that luxurious golden hair and faultless figures.

Finally an indoor sett. I'm all for some girl in nature photos but It's good to change things up.

Beautiful tits,wonderful pussy and that sweet face of an angel.Thank you Zemira.

Right Fer_realz, a great way to start a Monday morning! Zemira is always hot, especially when dressed in black underwear.

Zemira is always so poised and elegant, with the face of a princess. But a beautiful warm smile as well.
She started off my Monday morning right. ( :

Stunning sexy Woman with the most magnificent breasts

Absofreakinlutely THE most magnificent breasts -- EVER !!!

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