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Holy crap!

Zhanet may well be from Russia but she shows off her asshole like a Ukrainian babe

Zhanet A points out that she enjoys Russian verse. Zhanet, I have not read any Russian poetry but, I enjoy Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace.

In your modeling, you are the expression of a diversity of verses of poetry; good at creating them through fluid poses. My favorite clip is 1107KB in Perspective. You also have a graceful figure. Anyone out there see what I am seeing?

  • 2 years ago:

Bravo, Mr Sironi.

Many of these pictures look almost 3D. The use of focal length to intensify perspective in addition to strong foreground lighting as well as the distant backdrop causes Zhanet to "pop" off the screen. By using strong lighting to bring out the detail in the models skin and the contrast with her surroundings really makes her come alive in ways that most sets do not.

I hope this is something you plan on experimenting with more often. It's really impressive.

Zhanet's greatest asset, by far, is her Anus, Pussy, Ass, in that order. Absolutely delicious and both her anus and pussy would get my undivided attention !

Love all the photos of her ass

Continue posting FDAU pics of Zhanet, a la #92 and #105-#107, and I'll probably consider the lifetime membership option.

For that kind of money she might send them straight to you! ;o)

This lady works it and owns it!
Great set of this stunning beauty from start to end.
...and those of you who are always complaining about the paucity of rear shots ought to be in heaven with this set... ( :


For Realllllz! And ain't it fine!!!! :oD

Yep I am in Heaven

WOW!! Not only do I like Zhanet a LOT, but this might be the best 'display' of her 'to date'!! Brilliant! A masterpiece!

Now that's high praise coming from the rock!

As Catherine would say..." ))"

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