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  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

Since you're getting rid of all her "sexual" hair, why not get rid of the hair on her head, too?
Too bad, because she's an otherwise interesting-looking lady, chipped tooth and all.
As usual, crisp detail and form from this photographer.
I wish he'd apply his skills to a model with a bush.
109: Uh-oh! I see fuzz on her forearm. Get the razor!
Also, this many similar images reduces their impact. The set would be better with half as many.

This is a very nice set of the beautiful & sexy Zhanet - she does have a superb fit body

Her firm buttocks & shapely muscular legs are a real turn on....more of this beauty asap!

Zhanet has a very nice body, no doubt about that.

All positive comments but three boo birds, with no comment, stupid .

Just ignore them.

I have noticed that although some of the comments on this site can be weird and negative, Metart members still leave far more intelligent comments than those you read on CNN. I don't think you're allowed to comment on CNN articles unless you've suffered brain damage.

  • Doug
  • 12 months ago:

I think you mean brain-washing :-)

Good use of all her body parts, the isolation shoots were all sexy, including her hands and feet.

Zhanet is always impeccably groomed and squeaky clean and this shows up well in the close ups. She could teach some higher rated models a lot. Down-and-dirty has it's place, but mostly I want to see well-scrubbed so that my mind goes to perfume and pleasant tastes........

The foot shots are fantastic.

Stunning! Especially #90 & #127...need I say more?

The most amazing nipples on Met.

Zhanet is one seriously sexy woman.

love the way she poses she red hot a stunner

  • a2m2
  • 12 months ago:


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