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Forgive the double posting.
(Probable small defect in the posting; sometimes not appears what has been posted just before).

Unlikely that the same Rylsky, with Zhanet, can overcome this set.
This set is a "paradigm".

Zhanet superb lady.
Zhanet is a solid beauty, a beauty in 3D.
all exemplary.


Zhanet superb lady.
Zhanet is a solid beauty, a beauty in 3D.
all exemplary.

ALOT of leaning forward poses, but as a breast man, no great shots of her breasts hanging down or from the front...:/

Very teasing with the panties then the awesome pussy and anus shots.

Zhanet, you make a grown man cry...

This set oh god! Pure ecstasy!

  • 2 years ago:

I agree with various comments, this is Zhanet's best set. And someone needs to tell her she has a brilliant smile more often.

All the little details add up to a 10 in this set; minimal makeup, excellent figure, gorgeous smile, manicured hands and feet.

And dat ass!

She dropped the bomb on us!!!
( :

Panty play I love it! I'm fairly sure if it was too uncomfortable she wouldn't do it would she? I detected a little bit of dampness so I'm guessing she wasn't bothered by it and may have found it a bit stimulating, after all she is the one working those lovely panties.....

"Picture Perfect"!

I could look at Zhanet bent over from behind all day long !

What an amazing ass and inviting pussy.

She never disappoints.

If Jenya D ever submitted a set like this, she could retire and leave all of her admirers finally satisfied !

Zhanet Has The perfect coloring for sets like this. A pale skinned model against a dark background can be totally lovely, as Rylsky proves here. Very few Met artists do this, and it can make perfectly beautiful sets.

I love the panty shots.

I agree with you regarding the panties. It seems that it would be quite uncomfortable for her. But I suppose she would not do it if it was too uncomfortable. Of course, the panties are stuck it there for just a short time. I doubt if she would wear them like that all day.

It's not wear them, it's about tease and p[lease your eyes with a things panties can do for make you sweat and for chenge your breath.

Yes, and it really is that simple. Obviously Zhanet is having fun, and I can't imagine she'd ever agree to anything she didn't want to do. Or that Rylsky would ever try to insist.

Right at the moment this is the most sensual series I can recall seeing in Met-Art. Zhanet is on fire. She has that look that says that she knows she's driving you crazy and loves it, at the same time she herself is in the same zone. It's the kind of pleasure that comes only from intimacy, where each party happily grants the other power over them, and flaunting that power is the best kind of play.

Only someone with Zhanet's intelligence and commitment could have carried this off in such a beautiful way. And the setting was perfect, the chair and the black background. Beautifully photographed, and perfect all around.

Thanks for explaining what "picture perfect" means fred...you nailed it! ;o) I can't think of a set of hers that she wasn't 'playful' in... it's one of her most endearing qualities. I just love 'er!! This IS a great set! And she IS oh so delicious!!

This set is solid gold. Absolute sexual energy and beauty from Zhanet.
I like that she looks like a real woman, the kind you see walking around everyday.
Personally, I feel that this is her best shoot yet.

I'm not really a breast man, but Zhanet's breasts are fabulous. I've always thought that she had one of the better bodies on Met Art.
I think Zhanet's body compares really well with Ilze's....both extremely beautiful women with incredible legs and very nice derrieres.

Zhanet has a sweet smile too:)

A lot of great photos, but I think #107 is my favorite. That is one beautiful woman:)

I think Zhanet is a lovely model, and Rylsky is a fine photographer. I also accept that the world does not revolve around me, but I have never liked the 'panties pulled between the labia' thing. It just looks so uncomfortable. It is up there with sand on the skin and fruit balanced on the body among my personal dislikes in photo sets. I hope other people enjoy it.

Having said that, I did enjoy the rest of the set. I like the simple setting, the bright light against the dark background (it really shows of Zhanet's lovely pale skin) and I love the smile in picture 112.

nihil, I gotta agree about the panty/thong pulled up into the crotch thing (what'd they used to call that in school? A "grundy," right? I like seeing it just about as much as I'd enjoy having it done to me). I never got that either.
That having been said, the rest of the set is pretty much everything I want from MetArt... ( :

Hi fer-realz Its called a wedgie where I come from and you did it to kids in school you didn't like. I have been told the wedgies can hurt specially if the gusset is caught against the pubic hair or the clitoris. Cheap panties use coarse gauze and stuff for the gusset padding. Of course the girl who told me always wore silk(or so she said)except on her period as silk is hard to keep clean, and healty vaginas are self-lubricating 24/7 and there are problems enough with that.

Like I said, it is just my opinion, and the world doesn't revolve around me (thankfully - I can't imagine anything more boring.)

I am glad that some other people like it, because those photos would be great for them.

Love the doggy position pictures, ready for my tongue :-)-

Oh BOY!!! A new teenager to make fun of!! LOL Maybe we call you "slurpy"...???

Or maybe, perhaps, "frothy" ?


The amazingly beautiful, incredibly seductive, wonderfully sensual Zhanet. 120 perfectly magnificent photos of this gorgeous woman, featuring each and every facet and aspect of her body. What more need be said? Great job Rylsky. Zhanet, you are perfectly beautiful. Rylsky and Zhanet make a great team.

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