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Pure delight!

Pure gold.
10 X 10 Zhanet - Alex

Zhanet has one of the most perfect and beautiful bodies on the network! And one of the cutest faces...;o) XOXOX Great set, as usual!

I agree

Every Met-Art model whose name begins with a "Z" is a wet dream...welcome to the club, Zhanet!

Zhanet A is one the best models that would trigger down loading of her beautiful face and body images for me.
So happy to see Zhanet A again and again. I just can not get tired of seeing her. Definitely hope many more of Zhanet A sets in the future.

Fear struck me upon seeing the first four images. Relief was quick. No fruits.

GND is cute and adorable! At least she's willing to show off her assets!

Indeed. The lower lip showing in 117 is one of her assets.

I have a pet hate for props and gimmicks so I was a bit worried at the start, but this is a very, very fine series.

Zahnet is a favourite model for reasons I can't fully understand……..she is always impeccably groomed, has perfect breasts, labia, skin, sexy hands, feet, neck, and a wonderful smile she rarely allows to unfold, perhaps due to dental imperfections. Yet it is her very minor imperfections that are possibly the essence of her appeal. Her proportions would not make it in the fashion field, but I adore her physique.

I’m never sure what is meant by girl-next-door (sounds dreary) but in relation to Zahnet I see an approachable individual beauty, lacking the I-am-so-beautiful-and-you-are-a-toad look of disdain some display.

Zahnet “does it” for me. Thanks to model and artist.

Reassurance is hereby granted. You-are-a-beautiful-toad, and don't need to find imperfection in a model to realize it.

Sironi is now obsessed by the hands and the feet I am not...

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