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Zhanet is stunningly beautiful the most beautiful woman on the Planet she's absolutely delicious 👍

Nice you decided to let your pubic hair,Zhanet.Now you´re complete and perfect

The seller

What a pretty babydoll! And I'm not referring to the nightie Zhanet was wearing... ( :

Good job, pubic hair for a change your have earned my 10 rating and i never give 10s

perfect girl :)


i love this model and i love all the treasures on her body

My two favorite models photographed from behind are Zhanet and Ann AJ.

What a photo session that would be !

Zhanet ia very beautiful, and Mr.Sironi has remembered to include back and butt shots so we can admire her sexiness all over. Too many photogs forget that. I do not mind grooming the undercarriage if it's waxed. I think that razor stubble or razor burn etc is a real turn-off. grooming as Zhanet has done it is fine with me, I gave both Zhanet and Alex Sironi a 10++++

I like shapely breasts, glass cutters, significant inner labia, puffy outer labia, pubes, superb butt cheeks, and Zhanet.

∴, I like this collaboration between Zhanet and Alex.

Alsx Sironi has posted some great shoots of Zhanet on RA where Zhanet is known as Dasha(Whatever keeps the trolls off)

Breath taking!!

Another great set of a beautiful girl!

Five hours later and many pics still not loading...

@ Rock:

You say "Five hours later and many pics still not loading..."

What did you do to try to get the broken thumbs to open the pics?

My experience in Chrome was that when I clicked, or double clicked on the broken thumbnail, that often worked; and if

that didn't work, then I clicked on the broken thumb situated between the double "return to gallery" thingies.

Either / or all worked for me minutes after uuusssee first complained about "Many defective links".

I also downloaded the .zip file at the same time and viewed the images in zee and they looked fine.

What a shame to spoil such a nice pussy with pubic hair.

What a shame when girls shave it all off and look like small babies..! I need the look of a real woman, the little extra touch in nudity a girl can create with her "given" sexuality... Pubic hair. They grow for a reason actually...

What a shame to spoil a nice bush by shaving part of it away.

Either leave a full bush or shave it all.

WHAT A GIRL... What nipples, what could be better...? (A bit less shaved..?)

Some of the pictures are not loading.

A lot of pictures are not loading!

Many defective links!

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