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i love you sweety..love ur pussy

Zhanet is apsolutly gorgeous one of the best she's so delicious

Great set! Zhanet always looks so hot, sexy and exciting! Would love more please.

Zhanet is one of my favourite models, and I'm not alone if the ratings of her sets are any guide. But this set rates the lowest of any by a significant margin (with 192 votes counted). This reflects the general difficulty of maintaining a freshness, zest and originality in series as a model/photographer partnership continues. As subscribers we have no way of knowing if this a recent got-bored-with-the-whole-thing set or a reject from an earlier one, but may I humbly suggest that those who do know address the issue if it is the staleness factor.

I would hate to see Zhanet's legend status wane.

Zhanet is the best of the best how could she wane she is stunningly beautiful her poses are delicious sooo delicious

Any set that includes shots like 8-11 on page ONE, is bound to be a ten!! PLUS Zhanet is one of my very favorite girls! Such a doll!! Never disappoints! Great set! XOXOX

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Oh so lovely and sexy!

The ultimate heavenly body: "Zhanet from Another Planet"

A Planet definitely worth exploring!! :oD

In close detail. ( : ( : ( :
Hey, our future might very well depend on it!!!

You gotta love the space program....lol

Sweet set from a beautiful lady. I notice in the last couple of sets she has pulled back on the makeup and is smiling more--THANK YOU! These two things make her look much younger. Less is more.

Zhanet is proof that angels do walk the Earth.

Very awesome behind shots.Zhanet is totally gorgeous.

# 52: Why guys give girls roses.
# 44: No caption possible: pure perfection.

Outstanding set, Zhanet is one of the most beautiful women to grace Met-Art.


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