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Another girl with absolutely gorgeous eyes!! And of course that's just the beginning with Zhanna...head to toe delectable!

Ambience, clothing, lights and colors: perfect.
Zhanna, beautiful, sensual and naked without secrets: perfect.
All perfect.

Lovely girl, Fantastic body and flawless skin. Her breasts are perfectly formed, she has an amazing butt and a lovely pussy. I think the bland lifeless background stole the fire from the set and ruined it for me. I really don't like studio sets like this.

I think Alex S. added the flowers in the scenes to try and counter the lifelessness. My take is that the poses could have been more inspiring. A beautiful woman like Zhanna should have had more of an effect. It was an okay set, but not as good as I expected.

Dang, hipshot, was the milk in your cheerios sour this morning? You seem uncharacteristically negative today.

fer-realz, I am going to join kilroy and hipshot and concur in their evaluation of today. Only Jeff by Ry is really worthy. At least we had one clear "winner" today. kilroy said it best, "three of the four sets today just didn't have much pizzaaz".

Thanks for your frank evaluations, guys... I'm just a bit worried about hipshot because all of his comments today are so negative and that just doesn't sound like him.

fer_realz, I must have the same milk, only its captain crunch in my bowl. IMO, three of the four sets today just didn't have much pizzaaz, just a little flat in one area or another, yet all are very lovely models.

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