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I love this young woman and the way she trims her pubic hair - very alluring. To me pubic hair frames and draws attention to the vulva and this would be lacking were she completely bare. The rainforest setting is beautiful and she fits right in. I would much prefer a set like this to say 100 poses on a chair in a studio. For me, the one thing that would have lifted this set would have been showing her clothed, hiking, then stripping, which would have added context. Please don't ignore the comments that many members have of wanting to see the models fully clothed - we aren't all mindless drones with nothing more than exploitative nudity on our minds.

I love the outdoor setting. A beautiful girl in nature is my favorite. Very nice.

I absolutely love the photos where she is fully clothed. Please keep doing that, and feel free to include more. She looks great, nude or not, and I like the mystery/suspense/???. I would probably be happy to see pictures of Zlatka in a space suit, she is just that lovely.

  • 3 years ago:

The outdoor setting has a tendency to eliminate the primary function of these photosets; fantasy erotica. Since one doesn't normally see naked women traipsing about the countryside, this type of set removes the viewer from entering into any empathy with what they're viewing.

If one is going to shoot outdoor sets one must take extra care to form the context by which the viewer can become part of the experience. This set could have been improved by either presenting the model as being observed secretly or clothed for a picnic that evolves into an erotic situation. Something.

Scenic photography that just happens to involve a naked model does not work without context. The viewer has a tendency to ask, "What is going on here?"

Also, Zlatka is a beautiful girl.

The comments I made for this model have been discarded. From now onwards, I would make no comments, good or bad, about any model. Bye


A stumble- bum at best, based on aesthetical standards, which give primacy to the natural shape and design of the libia. She appears to be far from reaching that standard.

What a woman! Nice use of B&W in 2 frames! Over all, the lighting on the model was excellent given a difficult lighting situation.

Zlatka is one seriously beautiful girl!!!

Except for the model, there's not a lot of exciting stuff here. Best shot was the one at the end where she's sitting cross-legged on the dock. Even that is shot from a different zip code. On another note, would love to see a video of this young lady to get a glimpse into her real personality.

I bet there are nice trout in the deep water.

Uhhh...yeah. A good example of why I don't care for outdoor settings.
So I have my favorite model + my least favorite setting = disappointment.

Real nice sharp close-ups of the stream, the trees and foliage. Very picturesque indeed and well worthy to be included in a holiday guide. Regarding the poses - well they atleast did get better throughout the shoot, with some very tasty reavealing close-up shots near the end of the sequence. Nevertheless the sexy good shots were by far in the minority, as in the majority of shots the background came first and the models presence was a mere side-show.

Agree! Nothing else could be written about this set that has not already wrote. What is the focus of the photo? I know what I want it to be!

I find this problem with many outdoor shoots: Too much background, I don't feel drawn in to the photos I feel distanced from them. I feel like the background is the subject instead of the model.

Very nice settings and lovely model....but too many blurred shots! -- autofocus and simple landscape mode had produced better results in this case!

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