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I agree with the comments above about the lack of creativity in this shoot, but I do like to see the model fully dressed in street clothes at the end.

The photographer, as most, if not all, on this site, needs to take the camera off "AUTO" and learn to use the skills of a real photographer. In most shots the camera has obviously decided the model is not the most important thing.

Next time, dump the dress and boots; and do backside shots.

What seems to be lost in all the comments is how utterly beautiful this girl is. Athletic, toned body, perky nipples, supple pussy, gorgeous tummy, great legs, and a face that would launch fleets of ships. Could the photography have been better? Yep. Three pages of girl sitting in woods in dress: yawn.

But I "favorited" it anyway.

Cloud has never beautiful Zlatka justice she has so much more great potential.

I just LOVE Zlatka! This set...not so much. A lot of repetitive shots and many were cropped too tight. Also the boots were great for a while but for the whole set they're a bit much.

I just LOVE Zlatka! This set...not so much. A lot of repetitive shots and many were cropped too tight. Also the boots were great for a while but for the whole set they're a bit much.

True Classic Beauty, lovely.

I like Zlatka as a model, but this set is a bit repetitious and could use a little more variety in poses (yes, like a few from behind). I must agree with several others that I would like to see Zlatka in an indoor set.

Zlatka is fabulous, but Cloud really let her down when it comes to Photography

Absolutely one of the worst sets I have ever seen on this website. What a waste of a gorgeous model. Lacks imagination and too many similar poses.

Les couleurs sont magnifiques et le modèle aussi et se confondent dans une beauté visuelle

BORING! A dull, bland backdrop to reflect the quality of the set. How perfect :( 51 photos with only one tiny glimpse of her pussy and 96 shots before she is naked, no closeups and no rear shots. Is there anything good about this set? I think not. The clothed photos at the end could have helped if the photographer had bothered to put a sun filter on and stop it down a bit. They are way over exposed.

There's a cloud over this set, and I think it's gonna rain...milk toast!

A gorgeous girl in a tedious, unimaginative, boring, set!
No variety in poses. Some indoor photos, some garden photos, some bathroom photos........ SOME VARIETY, PLEASE, CLOUD.


MeArt needs to use a photo editor so we don't have to look at three pages of a beautiful model sitting in the woods in a pretty dress showing one boring pose after another.

If I want to look at that crap, I'll look at Vogue and it wouldn't cost me anywhere near as much as my MetArt membership.

Sometimes less is more.

Someone needs to step in and put an end to sessions like this and the Jenya D session from last month which I believe is the lowest rated up-date of the year. Hard to imagine one of the most beautiful models on MetArt could be given the lowest rating and the thing is, it was well deserved.


OUTDOOR shoots are NEVER as interesting as indoor shoots.

I like boots.
I like the dress.
I like the blue wildflowers.
I Luuuv Zlatka.

Put the flowers in a vase and transplant her to a bedroom -- and the shoot would be quite different -- and much better.

Zlatka is gorgeous and very hot, but this set would have been a lot better with more variety in the posing. I agree with bixglow...why no rear view poses? I'd love to see Zlatka indoors too!

Zlatka is very attractive, with her perfectly groomed eyebrows and great labia standing out. Not nearly enough shots of those great labia though!

Why no rear views? That lovely short dress would be so sexy from behind.
Lovely model but the photographer needs more imagination.

Repetitive and boring.

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