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She would be nice if she shaved.

She has teriffic eyes!

Not bothering with comment

Not bothering with comment

I barely even noticed the setting. all i saw was a gorgeous girl with a beautiful hairy pussy. Maybe im easy to please but i find that combo very arousing in any setting.

Whoever chose the site for this set is a total moron. The model is beautiful and sexy.

I support Cloud's choice of location. It was a difficult location but the ability to use outdoor settings is important. The best shots are outdoors in my opinion. Not in this case because artificial light was required and not enough was used. But still there is good reason to use such settings.


Agreed, Zlatka is gorgeous but a poor choice of location.

Zlatka is very beautiful in this set.The location is terrible.

What an ugly site for a photo shoot! this is not a place for a beautiful woman. Another attempt at the artsy side that fails miserably.

No pun intended!

Crack house?

There is indeed a jarring contrast between Zlatka and the setting is there not.... made all the more sharp by the harsh lighting.
I guess my aesthetics are different than yours, hipshot, because I feel like I know exactly what Cloud was doing, and it works, for me.

Agreed. Terrible location! Bring Zlatka indoors, in some nice soft lighting. She deserves better than this.

ZLATKA's extraordinary beauty can heighten and exalt the senses of the most jaded critic. Why would any true artist tempt the fate of the 'FURIES of MET-ART'...by placing a 'BOTICELLI' under a bridge???

She´so cute

The seller

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