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Yes! Finally a indoor set! Thank you so much, Rylsky!

it was at least 2 more indoors with her already:
1 RA and 1 MA

4 through 11: Forgive me for staring up at you but I just can't stop. Zlatka, you make short skirts so sexy!

Like Neil says, something for everyone here. Indoors, outdoors... The only thing Rylsky didn't give us(probably saving for next time) is the standing-on-head poses (;-
Really great set, I enjoyed every frame of the lovely Zlatka.


Great photographer plus great model equals a gift! My thanks to both of you! Bravo!


Some of the best pics I have seen on Metart. She's got a great tongue insertable ass. Luvly setup, dress....shoot is awesome

Ry, this young lady must be a dream to work with, she is so playful, and expressive. It allows you to get the shoots everyone is raving about today. Your mix of her portrait type with all of her body parts was perfect. Of course she is Ukrainian, and stunning member of that sorority, but she has something extra. A fetching personality. I would love to see her move. Pretty Please, Please, give us a movie.

Yes, she deserve all your compliments.
I've heard from her about some movie, but it was another photographer, not me. In my collection you'll see her only in photosets. MA and RylskyArt as well.

Does this mean you have taken all the pictures of her that you ever will, and lovely Zlatka has moved (on) or retired; or you have a contractual agreement to not do movies with her?

It was her choice to not making more movies. The only lucky guy was her previous photographer, as she said, but I don't know anything about movies. Hope this is MetArt's movie.

That's all.
And please don't ask me any private details.

Hi Rylsky,
Dn't know if you received this comment on anoter set so I post it here :
A very huge thank you for "Libera", one of the sexiest indoor set I've seen so far. Very evolutive, perfect lights, a nice balance between general and intimate shots. Just astonishing !
And there's Diva A, awesome model, with a HUGE sex-appeal. Are we going to see her again on this site, photographed by you ?

No, we are not working with Diva anymore.

Thank you for compliment.

Thank you for the response.

Zlatka's desireablity is off the chart! A stunning beauty, always photographed well. For me, this is the only set worth taking home today...

Zlatka has a totally beautiful face and figure,and is perfectly groomed.(waxing the undercarriage and trimming lets the girl look neat while making her look like an adult. I never understood girls wanting to look like babies)I do feel that Zlatka's rating is too low, and I love the top she's wearing.It and the background are perfect for her coloring.

Absolutely stunning opening profiles (#2 & 3), Rylsky. A powerful beginning, and the wonderful upskirt sequence on the stairs fully lived up to that beginning. Zlatka seemed genuinely at ease and enjoying sharing her beauty with us, in that pretty dress and out of it.
This set leaves me with warm thoughts and, well... something not quite "thoughts." ( :

Where is the balcony?
Where is the garden?
How does a girl so simple to be so seductive?
Only with blue eyes?
Neither make up, nor jewels, nor silk dresses: only Zlatka.

Where is the garden?
It is park, not garden, but no children around, no violations

Delightful face, wonderful eyes and a great smile. She is beautiful indoors and out. Dressed and undressed she is all woman.

Zlatka is the perfect Rylsky model. When he has someone that beautiful to photograph, he lets his camera linger on her beauty, and we get wonderful portrait sequences like 12-21. But Zlatka is also delicious from the neck down, and Rylsky knows his way equally well around that territory. The result is breathtaking—10s all around.

Someone please slap me. What a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing these photos with us. Beautiful job Rylsky.

Sorry son, ya gonna haveta slap yousef, us'n's already busy... LOL

Rylsky, This is a truly great set, with something for everyone. Wonderful portraits of Zlatka's exquisitely beautiful face, tantalizing up skirt shots, stunning photos of her beautiful hourglass figure, lovely outdoors a fresco location, a large variety of very seductive poses. You even give us some nice shots of her feet, for those who like that sort of thing. Zlatka is clearly a beautiful young woman and a creative model. Well done. And best wishes to both you and the wonderfully beautiful Zlatka.

I agree:somehing for everyone.

Quick alert the news media! Neil a uuussee are in agreement.

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