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I must praise again the voluptuous Zlatka A. Is there any end to her delight?

A very poor photoset...

In what manor is it poor? To make such a statement with taking the time to explain is senseless and insensitive.

I think the opposite. The photos are crisp and clear, the color real and vibrant, The model beautiful and completely confident and inventive.

So what is poor tell us please so we can know why you are displeased.

"without taking the time"

"it's always the pleasure to fart and disappear"

(c) typical comedy show

Our model shown mostly well, showcase for her face.

Nice use of 2 chairs, 9 (probably my favorite, please clear the desk),90,114.

Knee kissing well shot, she always looks good. A treat for some.

Shirt, tunic, or dress, I could not tell. It seems like it would look good on, I would liked to have seen it.

The more I've been looking the better I like, (trying has some rewards). I like the creative, even when weird (to me). Without something new, where would we be?

Neither Pushkin nor Blok, so sorry, I'm not.

Neither Pushkin nor Blok, so sorry, I'm not.
East or West?
home is best

thank you for interesting comment!

Please talk to us often, even with bluntness. Without need for defense, feel confident here. (Though I may "shame on you", for elbow or toe.)

I feel that everyone (who really wanted) can (already) see my opinions on any theme already in my comments and answers on MA. Mostly we are "going circles" here, but sure I try to communicate if I feel it makes ANY sense.

What I feel is that when somebody is unhappy - he feels better when we take attention to him... we have NO chance to help him, but he is happy because of somebody read him... at least he imagine he is not the one and everybody around must eat the same shit as him...

Or we see here "armchair quarterbacks" who already won all the Cups and Bowls with their beer and "sweaty" fingers...

For that kinda "comments" - "No thanks" anymore, I love to spend my time for smiles of my friends and happiness, I have more than enough people who are happy with communications. I always take attention for anything with meaning and respect. Even without my answers - be sure I take my attention,

Stupid set.

Admire yet.

yep, not Dostoevsky.

LOL Not even close!

1. Just imagine "wise" or "clever" set! This set will tell a story that will make us go to theater or museum? or maybe we will learn astronomy after that?
I can't imagine...

2. Only thing not "stupid" is "real", right?
OK, just imagine what things we (men and women) do in a real life when we are naked... Got it? Good, next step is IMAGINE how many poses and emotions we use when we are naked... "sitting in bath reading LA Times?" very interesting and wise...
It will be surely not stupid for our member I guess.

The Latins said, "in medias res" (ie, in the heart of the action).
In this set in the photo # 3 the beautiful, mysterious Zlatka already opens the gates of her garden of delights.

Is like starting a meal from the cake.
Zlatka follows Rylsky, cook of the "nouvelle cuisine" with grace and maliciously.
Fresh air, new, not the usual routine.

I love the model dressed to start, undressing slowly.
I am a traditionalist and I sip the tea at 5 pm;
But a fresh, sparkling Coca-Cola is very good too equally.

Me amico, well said, well said....

Oh, what have you done to that beautiful leather chair. Well, all worth it to see the beautiful Zlatka and nice photography Rylsky. Could you send me the leather chair..........and oh, Zlatka too!!

Zlatka's eyes are mesmerizing! Rylsky I thank you for bringing back the portrait shots that have been missing for from your most recent sets. They capture Zlatka's exquisite beauty perfectly.

Pretty girl. Nice set. Love the leg warmers!

"A few great shots" is all I can say about this set of Zlatka...another girl I adore. I don't share Rylsky's fascination with "wet" for one thing... Zlatka looks great though....such a beauty!!

look into her eyes, feel emotions, mood, etc.

if you see only wet or water things here - I think you didn't see this set. Yes, you have your own opinion and I do respect any opinion, but this set is not about the wet things.

Can you please show me set where Zlatka was in same "mood to light the fire"? link is welcome

Sure it is maybe my fault if you don't see the things I see (and feel) about her in this set. Shame on me, but my eyes totally disagreed with you, sorry, I am blind.

Welcome this!

This entire set, and this particular shot...


I see much more than "wet or water things" here, but the water still does not appeal to me in this particular set. Some of your water sets are very nice, but not spilling from a glass.

Shame on you for sure, but only for acting like a child who has had his first piece of art criticised... ;o)

And it is not possible for me to see the same things you see in ANY set, or in anything else. We do not have the same eyes. I think yours are not nearly as old as mine, so maybe it's me that is blind...

OK, we feel different. At least I can say that you never will shame on me (about work with Zlatka) that it was made without love to her and her love to the camera (=you)
And you will never find images here with a feeling "OK, you paid to see my ass, see it, I just don't care and feel nothing about it, it is my work and nothing personal".

As usually, I am upset I couldn't talk in English with excellence in "nuances" - for better understanding.


There is no fear that Zlatka is without emotion. She is lovely and obviously takes pride in her femininity and her ability to create feelings from her viewers. I feel the water was a personal pleasure shared with us for it's sensuousness and erotic effect. Lack of emotion from Rylsky model? I fear she would not long be a Rylsky model. For me that is the Rylsky signature. Models that enjoy sharing their beauty with us and thus pleasuring not only us but themselves too. That is what makes these sets special. I feel Rylsky does a very outstanding job of helping us to see what he sees, which is the REAL model. These sets are produced with a great love for his models and his work and this makes it true art!

This is the set I have been waiting for from Zlatka...
The beautiful petals of her gorgeous flower in full bloom!


great job !(caution to photoshp)

Lovely Zlatka, Serene and so feminine. Wonderful use of light and shadow makes that luxuriantly beautiful chair into a fantastic stage for Zlatka. Very warm and inviting. This is the work of a master artist! Love that chair. It looks so comfortable. Especially with this beauty in it. So many wonderful shots is this rich setting and them the last few in an entirely different chair and out in the full sun.

Great set for Zlatka and Rylsky.

2am and my fingers are not talking to my brain sorry for the spelling errors

I like what water, or vodka, does to nipples.

Zlatka is a beautiful woman and has an elegant, sophisticated and sensual air about her. Very nice.

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