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Portrait photos are nice, smile would make them supreme. Lovely woman is she, a glorius smile would add much face value..

Zsanett always look great. Pretty face, beautiful blue eyes, fabulous legs, nice slim body, and quite possibly the best smile on Met Art.

Very, very, good set.....thank you Zsanett and Arkisi!

She has one of the sweetest bodies I have seen on this site.

We are in complete agreement on this subject my ancient friend!! ;o)

Asanett I could kiss, lick, suck, and play with your Tits and nipples all day and all night and forever!

Zsanett is one of those models I always look forward to seeing. I often prefer brown eyes, but how can one not look into those blues eyes of hers and not relish their sparkling beauty? That's not all there is, of course. Pink as can be, her lovely flower with crossing petals is as fascinating as it is a beautiful endowment of womanhood. I really like #119, with her expression, I could just imagine her saying "Come here and taste this." Arkisi is the perfect photog for Zsanett, for he brings out her qualities nicely every time. Great set, thank you both and thank you to "K" for picking this one for today.

She certainly IS the essence of man's "eternal desire"!! She hasn't produced a bad set yet!! A perennial favorite!

Don't know about you guys noticed but someone tagged this beautiful model with anal sex can't be done by oneself guess they tagged her from Enternal Desire cant work out some of these tags like shave cock ain't any here with MetArt at least guess they got exciting in the moment ? whose knows or cares really does'nt apply with this lovely series.

I just ignore the tags. As you have discovered, they are often loaded with junk that makes no sense. Who knows where they come from.

They come from the hacked accounts. Of course they have been blocked but those freak tags still retain. Sorry.

Thanks for the explanation, Arkisi, I too have been curious for a long time about that.

It may not be as much fun rags, but it certainly CAN be done by oneself...;o)

White body, blue eyes. Too much for a Saturday =)

Only if you were planning to sleep all day... LOL

MetArt I have to give my hat off to you 4 months away and i keep finding more beautiful models Zsanett is simply stunning she has the most piercing blue eyes highlightd very well with her flawless creamy white skin dark hair cute firm derrier she has total sex appeal in my books lovely pink labia lips even more beautiful than Dominika a's at 5ft 5" she is what you call in the States Eye Candy short but pleasing to one's eyes and Arkisi portayed her beautifully with this set i just simply adored every images of her the bedroom setting and light really highlight her beauty very well as she splays herself on the bed in very sexy,sensual poses have to love the red trimmed white stockings it suits her very well have to love those gorgeous shots of her firm derrier as she faces backwards against the headboard of the bed simply the light shining on her are truely sensual shots as a female i'm totaly impressed with Zsanett and the way Arkisi photograghed her she is truely "Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art" have to agree with the guys Thank You Zsanett and Arkisi for such a great sensual sexy set no complaints all all with this Beautiful model she would be totaly sensual with a movie either with Arkisi,Luca Helios and Leonardo Thank You

I love Zsanett because she is so beautiful. However, Arkisi has put too much red in the lighting he's using to bring out Zsanett's beauty in several frames.


beautiful model, good set. what for are the socks till the end

For you to complain...

Ha ha, Rock! Or, as Rylsky would put it,
"To make you ask the question, 'what for are the socks til the end?'"

I am so impressed with this model, this photographer, and this set. Almost every shot is a beautiful composition, the lighting highlights Zsanett's perfect skin and gorgeous eyes, and the focus is clear and flawless.

Speaking of flawless, there is Zsanett herself. Pale skin, dark hair and blue eyes are a lethal combination for me. They get me every time. Her body is so lovely in proportion, and when you put it all together, and add her stunning face, the result is utterly magical.

Thank you to Zsanett and Arkisi for a perfect set.

Zsanett gives slender figures a really good name—especially when those figures are accompanied by perfect pink pussies (How's that for alliteration?) What's more, she's another of those diabolical beauties with dark hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. No fair.

Gad zooks, Zsnett! Zowee! (More alliteration)

Gesundheit, Tomcat!

Sorry, "Zsanett"!

As well you should be, sir… : )

As well as the 'dutchman'...;o)

The deck's stacked against us, Sailor... ( :

Life's a bitch…

I'll gladly take my punishment, in this case! LOL

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