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Zsanett has one of the most beautiful faces on MA. I could spend forever and a day just kissing her luscious lips as I gaze into her beautiful eyes. But then it would be all over if I were ever to get my face between those beautiful thighs...I'm in heaven. Damn, she's so beautiful!

Cover just looks so Anna AJ.

Ahhh . . . Zsanett! The only reason I joined MA. Simply stunning! How easy it is to drown staring into the deep blue pools that are her eyes. Alabaster skin, exquisite breasts, succulent lips . . . truly striking beauty!

I didn't have time to look at this set properly this morning, and now that I have I think picture #116 is just perfect.

Zsanett graces our pages at MA once again. How could one not be mesmerized by those sparkling blue eyes or the plethora of pinkness between those lovely legs? She always gets my attention.

Glad its Arkisi that gets to bring her to us. This set seems to show her a little softer than usual. Nice set.

Agree about how stunningly beautiful Zsanett is; and those eyes! Pity though, #100- #102 series does not include any focused on her equally stunning labia. Can't it be written in stone? If depth of field is so shallow, a choice has to be made, shoot it both ways! That way everybody is happy.

Despite my complaint, what a joy to witness such a woman undressed!

Zsanett wearing nothing but a big smile and thigh-highs in the kitchen?

I could live with that.

Every time the return of Zsanett is a happy return.

Gorgeous brunette who has two blue stars for eyes and the prettiest small breasts.
Shy and uninhibited naked on the table as an exotic fruit.

Those gorgeous blue eyes earn her a 10 every time. Add in her perfect breasts and luscious labia and she's off the charts!

Sorry for the double posts.

Those gorgeous blue eyes earn a 10 every time. Then add in her luscious labia and she's off the charts.

Takes your breath away just looking at her. Magnificent!!


A beautiful blue eyed brunette from Hungary, I am a happy man!

Gorgeous face, amazing eyes and the cutest little breasts!

You said you wanted to start cooking. Well at least now you are in the kitchen. You could be my sous-chef anytime. Let's get cooking! We will start with tenderloin which you definitely are.

Zsanett is a perfext delicate lady, She gives new meaning to the phrase Hungarian hottie.Its hard to encompass the fact she is a countrywoman of Eve Angel, and Peaches A


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