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Two colors that flatter the subject without killing my eyes. As example, may I direct attention to 81? Now that is a wow. Grey lavender is perfect, plus those nails contribute more than a whole wall full of bright.

How often does a picture on the wall add more than detract? Our artist could use it no better than in 79. Itself a great photo showing the architectural Phragmites Australis.

Wow! Talk about SPECS appeal!

Why aren't more sets like this one? The model being nude throughout this set makes it an automatic winner.

Because some ppl don't like the models nude from the very beginning.

The glasses were a nice, albeit rarely used, set prop.

And some people like some clothing throughout. And some people love the variety and potential of all choices available to the artist.

I just go gaga for Zsanett (I wish I knew for sure how her name was pronounced). Those blue eyes had me from the start. And then there is that wonderful endowment of pinkness that has "great nutritional promise" (Thanks, sailor).

Arkisi has done something slightly different in this set and it works. It seems softer, in the lighting and the ambience. The glasses and book add a nice theme, bringing a teacher or librarian fantasy to the imagination of several, it appears. The glasses make Zsanett even hotter! Excellent set, just like I knew it would be. Arkisi never disappoints.

I'm pretty sure it's "Janet" in "American"...(???)

Enjoying the peace before Doug gets here...lol

Very sexy I would love her to read me a bed time story ;-)

Stupid Question? Were you actually "reading" the book or was it just a prop? Can't read the title, what was it? Hell I'd watch you doing Math with a pencil, the glasses make the set almost as perfect as your body which is!
Great job...

O. Henry "The Exact Science of Matrimony" ;)

I tried getting my wife to read in the nude like that. Maybe it was just the wrong book. ;-o

More likely ...wrong wife. ;-)

YIKES! There's a "science" to that shit!!?? That would explain a LOT!! LOL

What a beautiful pussy!

I gave this a 10 before looking at it. Afterwards I gave it a 12. Zsanett is always a 20! Those gorgeous blue eyes with black hair is a combo that leaves me breathless...

amen brother! Like the glasses on this set, too.

For me, glasses are one of the sexiest 'accessories'... They stir my memeories of a gorgeous elementary school teacher...now fading with time....

Holy shit! What a set.

Beautiful breasts and pussy.

Zsanett is a very beautiful Hungarian model, who only works for Arkisi on Met-Art. This is a good thing, as Arkisi is a VERY good photographer.I gave both Zsanett and Arkisi 10+. for the photography, the set, and the posing,

Cute clam!

Oh my,the glasses are extremely Sexy!
Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" comes to mind...
Ms Tormay, May I Please go to the bathroom?

Glasses are very nice ... more would be even better!

That would be one teacher I would always end up getting detention with for some reason.

gorgeous model. hot delicious body. dood set. good work by model and photographer

Now, that's what you call all sexed up.
That's how I always picture my high school Biology teacher. Or my English teacher and my Music teacher. That's why I never became a doctor, a novelist nor a rock star.

So far, I have appreciated every visit from beautiful Zsanett.

Thanks to both Zsanett and Arkisi.

Awesome set. I love the glasses. Zsanett looks as beautiful as ever.

That pale skin set off by that dark hair and dazzling blue eyes is a force of imminence power. It would be very hard to resist this charming lady. But then why would you even try? Lovely woman, shot by a fine artist. A winning combo in my book

And the most sublimely pale areolas on Zsanett are a great touch too (or would be if I could stroke them with my finger tips).

My kind of librarian!


And you are guaranteed to use all caps. Please stop, it's hurting my eyes.

Try not reading it!!

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