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Zsanett is a charming brunette with blue eyes and lithe body.
His personal charm is due to her tiny breasts as a lassie.
Breast made for erotic games ​​of a refined lover and not for a nanny.

Zsanett and Arkisi show us in this set that sex is not only in the eye of the beholder - it is also in their mind. Without showing us any of the "good parts" Zhanett and Arkisi manage to show us that this woman is flat-out sexy. Her coy smile, while clutching a towel to cover her nakedness, goes a long way towards being adorable while offering us the hint of "something more."

It also goes to show that a woman need not be enormously endowed or even of average build to be sexy. I dare say there are more than one or two other models photographed by Rylsky here that are, by most descriptions, "well built" but posses less sexual attraction than Zhanett. In this case "less is more" is spot on.

Well done to the both of you!

Thank you!

Absolutely exquisite! Love this goddess!

+ 1 for screen name. ( :

Please, one time spread those magnificent lips and let us glimpse into heaven.

I love to be her at the little corner of the house whole day.

Cleanup on aisle 1.

We are blessed with total beauty(AKA Zsanett Tormay) and I for one am so hot I am ready to meltdown like a Japanese reactor, even if we are having our daily blizzard.(I live about 60 miles from Lake Erie.)Arkisi has remembered us who like the occasional bust shot(head and shoulders) Since Zsanett is so lovely, a shot like no 15 is greatly appreciated. I was totally forced to give a 10++++ for this set.

A lovely, lovely young woman. She has a marvelous range of facial expressions, accentuated by gorgeous eyes.

Zsanett is a work of art.

Zsanett is a beautiful, exotic woman and I eagerly await what I hope will be her monthly visit. She is a prime example of the Maker compensating some women who were provided tiny ta tas with beautiful, voluminous, labia. Tiny ta tas are beautiful too!

Many thanks to Zsanett and Arkisi!

And a face that is so damn beautiful it should be outlawed! I could spend a life time looking into her beautiful eyes and kissing her gorgeous lips.

kissing those lips, yes... BOTH sets.

And I could spend TWO lifetimes with my face buried in that gorgeous snatch, but I think we're both bound for 'Desolation Row'...;o)

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