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THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THIS SET: Lots of lovely up-skirts, plenty of rear-view, "the energy", and the final shot.

EVEN BETTER FOR ME: a more inviting room, but that's minor.

IMO, this is the best set of the day.
I like Zsanett's facial expressions in images #83 & #84. Very nice.

I would have to say second best based on the models but of course that is strictly personal choice and I can see that it would be a tough one.

Zsanett Monday, Halena Tuesday.... K brought her "A" game this week. ( :

And Wed. a triple header! Taissia, Halena A, and Nastya K

K is hitting a high note for sure!

It's always a delight to see this strikingly beautiful girl!! Those gorgeous gems that she uses for eyes are absolutely priceless!!

Well said, Rock!

Zsannet blows my mind.

Exquisite pale skin - check.
Lovely blue eyes - check.
Dark flowing hair - check.
Sweet smile that suggests a pleasant personality - check.
Beautiful face and gorgeous body - great big check!

Blah , blah, blah, same old shots over and over, as beautiful as a rose bud is the greatest joy is seeing it fully opened.

I agree, and this is something that could be done within the confines of MA guidelines. Flowers are prettiest when they are open.

Perhaps if we ask Arkisi and Zsanett nicely, they might oblige us in a future set. Blah blah blah will likely get you nothing.

No way! Those lips are too rigid to be open and kept this way without fingers (prohibited here).

Let me clarify that I only agree about the rosebud being shown open, nothing else.

Blah, blah, blah.

Zsanett Tormay is so beautiful, and so delicate in build!She is definitely a good reason to visit Hungary.And Arkisi completely understands how to photograph her beauty. I was forced to give everyone a 10++++

Arkisi is the only one that has shot her here at MA (I don't know if anyone else has at other sites in the MA family or otherwise). Ordinarily, I like to see our fine ladies captured by more than one photog for an added perspective or style, but in this case Arkisi has done so well with her that I wouldn't care to see her shot by another. Keep it going, Arkisi!

Want chowder with that clam?

No thanks, but those luscious labia do make me Hungary ;-)

Eyes so beautiful, if they didn't exist, would have to be invented.

Of course the cute miniskirt at the beginning helps, but there is something else kinda special about this set. Zsanett has an enticing look to her, especially the over the shoulder half smiling looks... kinda daring you to come in close...

I agree with you, particularly about Zsanett's come and dare to try me look.

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