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Shaved is your friend !


love you pussy Zsanett, would love to see u BUTTERFLY IT?

Try SA little tomy, if she goes on there,
you are in!

Just for Eternaldesire :)

You will, but not here unfortunately because of fingers)

There are many "butterflies" here on met, with no fingers in the picture. It CAN be done.

No way in this case

Exactly, i.e. Isabella yesterday.

The eyes have it! As do the eyebrows, the lovely cascading brunette hair, the superb butt cheeks, the glass cutters, the ribs, the lovely labia,

Zsanett is sweet:)

Zsanett is my favorite Hungarian Hottie,closely (as in breathing down neck)followed by Peaches A,who no longer poses for us(sob) as she is making too much money doing girl-on-girl in English, with a sexy Hungarian accent. But she has a wife to support so I forgive her.Wives are expensiiiive!(Ahem)As I was saying,Zsanett is totally hot, and Arkisi has remembered that her back and butt are as hot as her front. You notice the beater and panties? It seems to be becoming a favorite among met models. I heartily approve, and I love the set she's working.I gave Zsanett and Arkisi both a 10++++

I would venture to say that Zsanett is one of the crown jewels in Arkisi's subjects that we see here. I have followed her here since I became a member. I am so glad that Arkisi is the photog of choice for her.

Mine too favorite...

Right on Arkisi!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Stuck in a shaved rut, Arkisi :-?

Doug, don't be beatin' up on one of my favorite photogs! He says he does not make them shave and I would be inclined to believe him.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

See what I say below, kilroy. He has already told me personally that this is how the girls come to him, like it or not.
That's why primarily it is up to the girls.
But they need encouragement and support :-)

You know nothing is going to happen overnight. Even if it did, we don't know how many (hundreds? thousands?) of sets are waiting in K's vault to get posted. Seeing changes in social trends require patience.

I remember in the early 80's when shaving/grooming started to take hold (remember Marilyn Chambers?). It probably started before that, but that's as far back as I go. Then in the 90's it was a popular fetish and even more common in porn. Now at the turn of the century, and all the girls are doing it - middle schoolers shaving as it starts to grow, high school girls getting waxed, young women getting it lasered off - probably 80% of the women under 30 by estimation of my gynecologist friend - and he would know. And at the same time, some guys are "manscaping", and not just the chest.

That's over 20 years to get to where we are today. Think that's all going to reverse itself in a year? Five years? Highly unlikely. Sorry, Doug, you are going to have to be patient for hair to come back.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I do remember the late great M Chambers having a thick patch of fur, perhaps trimmed :-)
I've heard it's more like 50-50 for young women.*
I guess it's never too soon to start banging the drum for change. Especially when shaven is so costly and at least potentially unhealthy.
I'd like to see more acceptance of the alternative to shaven, instead of a typical revulsion, which tells me just how far away from nature people have gotten. Not a good thing.
And the alternative is offered, even here. With vocal support for it amid the stupid brickbats.
It's a business thing at bottom, as Rylsky points out. Also, if you want porn, you're gonna have to take predominately shaved, like it or not. Learn to luv it.
Itz whatz in da stose :-)
And that I think explains a lot about why people "like" it -- it's all they see!
As I've said, it's OK as an occasional alternative, but because it is so anti-nature, not as the default.
Even on a computer screen :-))))
Some savvy business is gonna figure this out sooner or later, and (re)conquer the world :-)

*Your friend sees 80% shaven? Could be because the natural girls are healthier and don't need his services as much :-)

They need YOU off their back is what they need!

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Yes I admit I may be a little counter-productive, but I'm also using them and everything else to make a larger point.
And I don't expect things to change overnight.
Hey, talk to brain-washers and ad men about the importance of persistence, including repetition.*
Ask your favorite politicians :-)
Or maybe your least-favorite :-))
At first an opposing, digging-in-of-the-heels reaction.
Then reason begins to dawn :-)))

*and of course they're already suffering from that. How do you undo it?

This is not me! :)

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Then the girls are, and you have to shoot 'em as is! :-))

Thus you're stuck too.

I mean this whole site, this whole network, whole industry is stuck in shaven.

Even tho a lot of people would like to see some hair :-)

Eventually it will come unstuck, because styles, thinking, people change.

Think this could be taken advantage of now -- but who has the gumption to do so?

Not too many of these scared little babes :-)))

Yet at least :-)

They could be encouraged to do so... :-)

And they'll need a bit of protection from the hair-haters :-)

No prob! :-)))

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I've said it before, I'll say it again:
"hair-haters" = those who don't really like women :-)

Doug...you're now sounding like a spoiled ten year old... It's getting really sad and funny at the same time.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

More funny than sad I hope :-)))

Pretty even...

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I mean think of it -- "hair-hater."
Maybe hyperbole, but what does it say about a person who hates hair u-know-where?

Not to be overly-incendiary, but... :-)))

I don't include you in this, Rock, btw, for what it's worth! :-)

Doug I guess you don't follow Sofia A or Aurora.who don't allow a razor or waxer near the mommy bits.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

I didn't know about Aurora till today, but I see pics of her where she is partly shaven.
I'll have to check out Sofia.

As I've been saying, I'd like to see more girls mix it up. I know it takes time to do so -- so we can see you in-between then.

Think of my fave Kristel. Part of what makes her so fascinating to me is that you can see her both ways.

And she's great both ways (tho greater unshaven.)

She is a chick who just knows how to be in front of the camera :-)

And I hope against hope she'll be back someday. She's only shot maybe 3 sets published here over the last year. And it's been maybe 5 or 6 months since she shot the last one.

I'm worried! But I wish her well :-)

You made me go back to Rylsky's valentines blog to discover your fave and you spill it out today! You bastard! ;-)

One thing you and I agree on is on mixing it up down there. There are a few here that are good for giving us variety in how they keep their nether hair. Just seeing that should be a sign to you.

  • Doug
  • 3 months ago:

Yes but wasn't it good reading! :-))))

My dear sweet KL I'm calling her now.

To differentiate her from K, Kei, and strikeouts :-)

KL, abbreviation of Kristel, initials of Kristel Lynne.

Or if you prefer Krissy Lynne.

Or Kristelline :-)

Don't get me started! :-)))

Yet another Dream Sequence of the magnificent Zsanett... From the magnificent Arkisi! ;o) Love and kisses to this brilliant team!!

You are so adept at focusing on the face and eyes, great job....what a model to work with you lucky man...

You are right - it is almost impossible to avoid her spells. You are fully falling in love during a photo session. :)

...I would be a hot mess. ( :
Lucky us you're there for us.

#2 #119 Beautiful perfect face and that impish little grin as she shows her most privates....sweeeeet!

4 kissable lips!

six, if you count inner and outer down there :))

I'd love to count them, every single one, over and over and over again... ( : Hopefully she'd enjoy it as much as I would!

Give us some open butterfly shots.

Gorgeous Zsanett radiates once again, lovely set by Arkisi, I just love how he captures a girls eyes, very intense and simply beautiful.

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