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I love that 'I know what you are looking at, pervert' expression in 37...

@ everyone

"We are well aware, hipshot, that you are not a fan of pubic hair. You have stated it about a hundred times at least on these boards.
You might as well save your breath here, because it's clear Kristel likes hers and is going to let it grow. If you can't bear the sight or thought of it, don't look!"

It seems it's OK for Doug to tell other "bumpkins" (his words not mine) to "[not] look" if you don't like, but if doug doesn't like ... :-p

Wonderful Zsanet is not the regular beauty, but displays a fascinating charm ! Every feature of her is a beauty,even her irregular pussy which i would be all too enthusiastic to kiss and tease for hours . And her alabaster complexion is a marvel ....

This site offers up amazing beauty every day, but it's not often that you see such perfect pink labia, OMG. The entire Zsanett package is to die for, how could any man be so lucky? I guess I have to be satisfied with being lucky enough to see pictures!

Imagine waking up in the morning to her smile...

Yo, rachsback --

You earn 20 points for your opinion, another 15 points for the use of miscreant (nice choice), and membership in C.A.N.B. for your heroic efforts today.

WELL DONE, old man!

While I agree with you in spirit, I personally regard him as more like ants at a picnic - always around and almost impossible to exterminate completely no matter what is done. Almost never anything nice to say about the particular model except the incessant "wah ...wah ...wah...". Kind of like the Hari-Krishnas that you used to see at airports all the time - (where did THEY go all of a sudden?).


My least favorite picnic disrupter, and I AM NOT saying that it applies to ANY MET member, is the seagull.

I have seen it written that they fly in, steal as many sandwiches as they can, crap on the rest, and fly away leaving maybe the potato salad and such for the picky knickers.

Not being near their normal habitat, I can't comment on them. My least favorite are bees & wasps. They always seem to show up at the most inopportune times and are exceedingly tough to discourage.

Plus Boo-Boo ...they always seem to make it to the pick-a-nick basket. :-)

You'll have to limit your drinks to water; no beer, no pop, no Caesars etc.

Or issue bee keeper gear to the attendees and we know that also is a non-starter.

...great question, maybe their savior transported them up to the mother ship? LOL

No ... Doug's still here.

Z serves up a delicious rump roast!

Photo #84 could give you a heart attack, photo #43 is simply the face of an angel, personally, I believe that she is simply the best looking woman on the site, Talk about a siren who could lure you to the rocks!!!

I always wonder,how can Arkisi stop drooling long enough to take the shots? I mean, Zsanett is an incredibly beautiful woman! I downloaded this set as soon as the paralysis wore off. I mean shots 13-16 are an ode to Zsanett's butt. I mean I'm babbling like an idiot and feel like I got clubbed over the head I give Zsanett and Arkisi both a 10+ infinity, this is a masterpiece that they have created.

He can, because he is a professional.

It wouldn't be a job for me, not that I wouldn't like the scenery, but that I might lack the ability to stand back and look at Zsanett as the object of my camera and not the object of my desires!

In a word- Exquisite.....................

Zsanett has beauty and sex appeal of cosmic proportions!!
"Out of this world" gorgeous!!

She is simply stunning; the blue eyes and black hair create a certain smoking, hot sexiness about her. Also, she has an exquisite pussy!

What fascinates me about Zsanett is that her bio says that she was 19 when she began posing for MA. I swear to God, I do not remember freshmen/sophomores looking nearly as mature as she does, when I went to college!
What a striking and singular young lady. Oh, and breathtaking too. ( :

Not to mention that, as in #12, she has one of cutest little derrieres both covered AND uncovered coupled with that delicate, pale skin, dark hair and beautiful blue eyes. She'd break hearts all over campus.

Heavens yes, no campus would be the same after a visit from hurricane Zsanett! ( ;

In this set, as in others in collaboration with Arkisi, I like the way Arkisi uses the window light as a muted light source and bounces the light to Zhanett's other side to evenly light her without blowing out the details of he fair skin against a white bedspread.

IMHO I've noticed that Zhanett has "one of those faces" - the kind that causes men to stop and look. I've seen more photos of Zhanett "not showing anything" yet being incredibly seductive. She doesn't need to throw her legs (gorgeous as they are) back over her head to allow her photographer to peer into the deep recesses of her inner being. Many of her most seductive shots are of her either stretched out or curled up on the bed, or tight head/shoulder shots. This also goes to the fact that Arkisi knows what he's doing (photographically) and has a wonderful subject to work with.

More sets of Zhanett would definitely be appreciated.

But oh, that richly creamy, pale skin... amazingly erotic, IMO. Give me a woman with natural skin tone over a tanned woman any day... just a personal preference. ( :

IMO the most beautiful woman in the world!

I would go along with that!

@ Lazarus6867:

Zsanett certainly is very beautiful!

Brunettes with brilliant blue eyes are a firm favorite of mine.

Zsanett certainly qualifies and has many striking physical treasures that enhance any visit from her.

Many thanks to both Zsanett and Arkisi for this great gallery.

Very nice scene with Zsanett beautiful as ever.Her pretty blue eyes,black hair,and that gorgeous pussy in that pale skin body.

Classy,sexy,and a true beauty.This girl has all it takes

The seller

Stunning as always!

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