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great set for a gorgeous model

Difficult to not fall in love with her. Just a dream this Girl. Dream face, dream eyes, dream tits and a pussy hot as hell.

I've always been a sucker for dark-haired, blue-eyed, creamy-skinned ladies.

She reminds me of 70's porn goddess Annette Haven (with slightly smaller breasts, although that's NOT a complaint).

Zsanett... Annette.... coincidence? ;-)

Zsanett, you are very special !

Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with us.

Mad skills, Arkisi.

You've got mad skills.

Awesome erotic photography.

Undoubtedly, a rare exquisite beauty! High class and sexy!

Might even be vexy.

Beautiful, blue eyed, brunettes are a niche category of women that I really appreciate.

And Zsanett easily qualifies for membership in MY perfect pussy club.

My thanks to everyone involved in this delightful visit!

Just an absolutely amazing girl, and always captured well by Arkisi! Another great set by a winning team!!

Hungary's loss is our gain here at Met-art (There were three other Hungarian models, but they moved to Viv Thomas as they like girls and two are now married to other girls) Zsanett is by far the most beautiful of all the hungariens I my book,definitely a favorite. I gave a 10++++

They moved from Hungary to Viv Thomas? I wonder what Viv Thomas passport photos look like.


#1 -- The BEST way to start your morning.

#34 -- When you know you're going to be late for the office.

#58 -- What office ?

#80 and #91 -- My "PA" can take the meeting.

#115 -- What do you mean I haven't been to work in three days ?

#119 -- "Work"? What work?

PERF ass!

Poignantly Effective Round Fanny.

Would love to use that sublime rear end as a pillow, if only she would spread those luscious lips a little....

I failed to notice Zsanett Tormay. She has a pretty face and very unique and beautiful blue eyes. I also like her small, thin, petite body. She is a beautiful woman for sure.

I bet you won't fail to notice her again!! lol ;o)

You bet right rachsback!

Good morning, my dark haired, blue eyed beauty. You're not waisting any time revealing those gorgeous, perky breasts, are you? I love when you look back over your shoulder like that. I could just kiss each one of those delicious freckles on your shoulders, arms and chest. Damn, what a tempting pussy you have! I'd love to know how it feels to hold your ass cheeks in my hands. I could get lost in to your eyes and kiss your lips forever.


I love sets with a woman in a robe. Wouldn't have minded a few more teasing shots before it came off. :)

Lovely model. But set was marred by some poor poses and bad cropping.

Love this girl....

Absolutely gorgeous pussy lips. Would have loved to see them parted just a wee bit.... :-)


Sorry not Vex.I meant-Very sexy and teasing with that towel and beautifully out of it.

So she's "vexy?" I kinda like that. :)

Short for "Very Sexy" -- ?

Or in Zsanett's case "short AND very sexy"...;o

I thought i might get into trouble with the word vex.It means to annoy or irritate or trouble.Zsanett is not vex but very sexy.I just typed the wrong letter.Sorry guys my bad.

No bad. Vexy is now in the Manual. Very Sexy, even vexatiously so.

Searching the mental lexicon for descriptors worthy of these sublime blue eyes...

Not having much luck I see...lol ;o)

Try a thesaurus --

Those hauntingly beautiful eyes! They mesmerize and enchant me. Her pale skin, her beautiful breasts and wonderful smile and that tight cute butt. Enchanting!

Well said hipshot. This is the kind of woman who could make you do anything, give anything or be anything that she might desire. She is hypnotic!

You look amazing Zsanett Tormay.

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