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Notice how it seems effortless for Zsanett to evoke seductive and elegant even when she's laid-back? I agree with everyone else saying that she's got beautiful eyes and lips. Actually, she's got a really pretty face - full brows that arches delicately framing her piercing blue eyes, well-sculpted nose, pouty pink lips, and a string jawline. She also got a sensual body to match!

Zsanett is a ravishing goddess and tempting seductress in one - with her piercing gaze and intoxicating smile, as well as her provocative yet elegant poses that showcases her perfect body.

Wonderful set of the hauntingly beautiful Zsanett. So sexy, so superbly endowed...

Awesome! 10/10

The menu card on the desk lists "cold appetizers". Zsanett is anything but. If I had to go with a culinary analogy, she would be a hot and spicy dish.

Zsanett is somply and totally beautiful, There is nothing more to say.

Zsanett is my kind of cuppa tea.

...if only Zsanett would "butterfly" those LIPS!!!

The harsh streaks of light from the blind ruined this set.

Beautiful, stunning and quite glamorous young woman. I try not be crude on this site but what I wouldn't give to go down on that sweet pussy, those are the most magnificent lips on the site....ahhh, one can dream.

It's not crude to dream. She must know she has a significant attribute down there and it looks so delicious.

We can never lose with one of the best behind the camera, AND in front of the camera! Beautiful set! Great Sunday morning fare!

The closeups of Zsanett"s labia is pure heaven.

HOLY CRAP! She FINALLY opened up her "flower" a little bit! Only took FOREVER!

This is one of my favourite MetArt photo sets. I particular like the teasing nature of the first few images. It is refreshing that her undressing is not focused on topless shots.

Zsanett is a very beautiful model her face and eyes are particularly striking.

Who wouldn't want to share a nice invigorating cup of coffee with Zsanett first thing in the morning? The perfect excuse to be late for work...
And posing "bottomless" in a sweater like that is clearly incitement for a tongue lashing, and I'm not talking about scolding... ( :

Zannet is a gorgeous girl. her outfit is very sexy. i liked how she quickly undressed to be fully nude. her body is perfect. Arkisi did a beautiful job. thanks to both.


Open your petals Zsannet.

Just eyes and lips...??? That would make a funny looking girl...LOL ;o)

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